seem like

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seem like someone or something

to appear to be like some kind of person or something. You seemed like such a nice person when I met you. This seems like a nice day.
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I wasn't thinking in terms of precious prints or archival quality; I didn't want the work to seem like a commodity (no one was buying it anyway).
Discussions of the relative beauty or syncopation of popular music might seem like irrelevant babble to someone who isn't a devotee or scholar.
Then there's Hillary doing such unladylike things as going to the Hill to meet with Congressional leaders about policy-which people won't tolerate, Sam Donaldson warned, because it will seem like "Hillary's running the country.
While three degrees might not seem like much, consider that the average July high temperature in Crawford is already 97 degrees, and that it's not unusual for Crawford to have 30 days of unbroken 100-degree weather in the summer.
When he came here on his recruiting trip, it didn't seem like his heart was in it,'' said UCLA forward Matt Barnes, who played on an AAU team with Boozer when they were in high school.
The installations seem like the aftermaths of violence.
While puppetry may seem like an offbeat art form that traditionally caters to children, it is a budding, international trade that is practiced across the country, with theaters in Arizona, Georgia and New England.
Zane wasn't well-liked; we were his friends, and we didn't like him,'' Stabile intones on the movie's voice-over narration track (the young filmmaker, who likes to make up stories about himself, wants it to seem like this really happened to people he knew).