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hide and seek

A situation in which one party is constantly evading or avoiding another. (A reference to the children's game "hide and go seek.") Often used with the verb "play." The police have been playing hide and seek with the suspect all night long. It's been a game of hide and seek trying to get definitive answers out of the governor.
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seek a knot in a bulrush

To engage in a futile task; to try to find problems where none exist. A bulrush is a grassy plant that is not prone to knots. You'd have better luck seeking a knot in a bulrush than getting those flowers to grow on such rocky soil. I read the report so many times that the boss will be seeking a knot in a bulrush to try to find errors in it.
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seek (one's) fortune

To attempt to make a living or become rich by leaving one's home or original location. She worked as an assistant in the firm for several years before she finally left to seek her fortune as an independent contractor. I felt trapped in such a small town, where opportunities were very scarce for young people, so as soon as I turned 18, I packed up my belongings and moved to New York City to seek my fortune.
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seek revenge (against/on someone or something)

To attempt or intend to retaliate (against someone else) for a wrong done to oneself. Tiffany is always gossiping about me, so I sought revenge on her by starting a nasty rumor about her relationship with one of our teachers. I see the growth of this extremist movement as largely being citizens seeking revenge against the established government, which they feel has betrayed or abandoned them. Seeking revenge will never give you a sense of peace or closure—you'll remain just as angry as before, and it will bring suffering to someone else along with you.
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seek out

To hunt, seek, or try to discover someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "seek" and "out." We've been seeking out locations to shoot our new film. I have to seek Sarah out to get the administrator password to the computer.
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seek after

To endeavor to locate or obtain someone or something. Often used in passive constructions. The political party has sought after control of parliament for years. We've been seeking after a new HR manager, but none of the candidates have been a good fit so far. The new toy is expected to be heavily sought after this holiday season.
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seek and ye shall find

You will find inevitably what you are looking for if you look hard enough or in the right way. A: "There are no jobs out there!" B: "No, there are plenty of jobs out there. You just need to be willing to broaden your scope a bit. Seek and ye shall find."
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seek (something) from (someone or something)

To endeavor to obtain something from some person, group, organization, office, etc., especially in a formal or official capacity. Often used in passive constructions. I sought assurances from the team that the project would be completed on schedule. You'll have to seek approval from the board of directors.
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seek professional help

To request, pursue, or endeavor to obtain treatment or counseling from a psychologist or psychiatrist. At the intervention, we all urged her to seek professional help to deal with her addiction. There's no shame in seeking professional help if you think you're suffering from depression, Mike.
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in quest of someone or something

 and in search of someone or something
seeking or hunting something; trying to find something. They went into town in quest of a reasonably priced restaurant. Monday morning I'll go out in search of a job.
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*on the trail (of someone or something)

 and *on the track of someone or something
seeking someone or something; about to find someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I'm on the trail of a new can opener that is supposed to be easier to use. I spent all morning on the track of a vendor who can meet our requirements.
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seek after someone or something

to keep looking for someone or something. I will continue to seek after the thief who stole my car. The thief was seeking after a late-model sedan.
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Seek and ye shall find.

Prov. If you search hard enough for something, you will find it. (Biblical. Can imply that the only thing you need to do to get something is look for it.) The bookstore on the corner is an excellent one. Any book you want, just seek and ye shall find.
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seek professional help

Euph. to get psychiatric or psychological treatment. If you are seriously thinking of suicide, now is the time to seek professional help. His friends suggested that he seek professional help.
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seek revenge

(against someone) Go to take revenge (against someone).
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seek someone or something out

to search for and find someone or something. We will seek someone out to do the work for us. Liz sought out a helper for Karen.
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seek something from someone or something

to pursue something from someone or something. We will seek an injunction from the judge. My lawyer sought an injunction from the court to try to stop the building project.
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take revenge (against someone)

 and seek revenge (against someone); get revenge against someone; take revenge (on someone) (for something)
to get even with someone. Linda planned to take revenge against Ellen. I intend to take revenge on Paul for what he did. I will not seek revenge.
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birds of a feather (flock together)

Individuals of like character, taste, or background (tend to stay together), as in The members of the club had no trouble selecting their yearly outing-they're all birds of a feather . The idea of like seeks like dates from ancient Greek times, and "Birds dwell with their kind" was quoted in the apocryphal book of Ecclesiasticus. The full saying in English, Birds of a feather flock together, was first recorded in 1545.
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play hide and seek

Evade or seem to evade someone. For example, Bill is hard to pin down-he's always playing hide and seek. This expression alludes to the children's game in which one player tries to find others who are hiding. It has been used figuratively since the mid-1600s.
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seek your ˈfortune

(literary) try to find a way to become rich, especially by going to another place: At the age of twenty, he decided to emigrate and seek his fortune in Canada. ▶ ˈfortune seeker noun
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seek out

To try to locate or discover someone or something: The fish sought out sheltered pools to lay their eggs. The teacher will only give help to those who seek it out.
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These subscales are: effort regulation, peer learning, and help seeking.
After an overview of the current state of research, the theory of Radical Change is applied to examine and explain selected areas of youth information seeking in a digital environment with the purpose of lending additional insights on which researchers and professionals might capitalize.
Its now-thriving communities of "men seeking men" and "women seeking women" are nonetheless hard to compare with those of San Francisco and New York, the top two locations in overall traffic.
In an article that discusses men, their masculine identity, and help seeking behavior, Addis and Mahalik (2003) identify social psychological processes for developing ways to foster adaptive male help seeking behavior.
The supplemental funding that we are seeking will help us to do just that.
As well as implying negligence by patients, the term delay also implies an imposed boundary below which is an "acceptable" time limit for seeking help and above which it is "unacceptable.
No taxpayer whose tax liability or return would be affected by the S election (including all shareholders) has reported inconsistently with the S election (and any ESBT, QSST or QSub election), on any affected return for the year the election was intended; or (1) the entity seeking to make the election has filed a return (for QSubs, the parent has filed a return) for the first year in which the election was intended within six months of the return due date (excluding extensions); and (2) all taxpayers whose tax liability or returns would be affected by the S election (including all S shareholders) have reported consistently with the S election (and any ESBT, QSST or QSub elections), on all affected returns for the year the election was intended and any subsequent years.
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Depending on the facts of the case, your lawyer may recommend seeking judicial relief from a CID.
Malhotra's investigation, published in the November Molecular Psychiatry, yields no association between the 7-repeat version of D4DR and novelty seeking in a group of 193 Finnish men.
Hence the first Jesuits sought "to help souls" by seeking to be "mediators of an immediate experience of God that would lead to an inner change of heart or a deepening of religious sensibilities already present," by leading others to "an acceptance of the lived reality of God's action in their lives" (19).
Our most recent recruitment efforts toward special agents are targeted for a median age of 28-29, and we're generally seeking college graduates with a minimum of three years of work experience," says Glaspie.
The concept of transfer seeking (or "rent seeking," as professional economists more obscurely call it) is intuitively familiar, though its economic implications are not.
Richard Nixon revived the envoy post (after promising not to) in 1972 as part of a strategy of seeking urban ethnic Catholic votes.
The United States should lead the nuclear states in renouncing such "privileges," not by seeking to amend the Treaty but by supplementing it with new multilateral commitments and agreements banning nuclear testing, first-use threats, and the development or acquisition of new nuclear weapons.