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Other towns and cities may have had more asylum seekers, but not as a proportion of their population.
The report hits out at private companies contracted to run the government's asylum seeker support services.
The figures, released by the Home Office, show that at the end of 2015 there was a total of 2,856 supported asylum seekers in Wales: 1,450 in Cardiff, 843 in Swansea, 464 in Newport and 90 in Wrexham.
Erickson is teaming with Seeker Aircraft to deliver this special purpose airplane in volume with this agreement.
Asylum seekers claim Australian authorities "destroyed" the existing medication they had when they were sent to detention centres.
The main highlight of the fairs will include giving dedicated and talented job seekers the opportunity to meet with employers nationally in over 90 cities and over 120 Job Fairs.
Whether you use them to seek out job postings or to post your resume, only 2% to 4% of job seekers find a job using one of these services.
NEW asylum seekers are being electronically tagged to stop them vanishing if their applications to stay in Britain fail.
Asylum seekers typically tell their story first to an immigration officer, who can grant the request on the spot.
So the government measures the success of its immigration policy in terms of the reduction of the number of asylum seekers, and the number of people it's able to deport?
The need for privacy, the ordeal of a new and heuristic experience, and the often fragile emotional states medical conditions can place users in are issues that affect the uninitiated health information seeker.
Kurdish refugees accused Japanese immigration authorities Wednesday of leaking their personal information to the Turkish government and endangering their status as asylum seekers in Japan in violation of international norms.
THE Government sent asylum seekers to Wales because it was afraid of concentrating groups in cities, it was claimed yes t erday.
We are extremely sensitive to the fact that not every job seeker wants their resume posted for the world to see, complete with their name and current job.
Thales Airborne Systems (Elancourt, France) and MBDA's Seeker Division (Rome, Italy) will jointly develop and produce seekers for a variety of air-defense and air-to-air missiles.