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"SEEK is pursuing an aspirational revenue opportunity of cA$5b by FY25 and we made strong progress towards this in the last 12 months.
The questionnaire included points about the brief history of illness of the child in the past 6 months, the pattern of seeking consultation and treatment, and sociodemographic factors such as family size, socioeconomic status, age, education, and occupation of the parents, time taken to seek health care, and the person taking decision.
Online outreach services among men who use the Internet to seek sex with other men (MISM) in Ontario, Canada: An online survey.
Bill Duncan of New Castle has filed in District 3, the Seacoast district, Christopher Pappas of Manchester in District 4 to attempt to replace retiring Councilor Republican Raymond Wieczorek and in District 5, Nashua resident Debora Pignatelli, a former councilor, seeks to regain her seat.
If patient care tasks are unfamiliar and, therefore, non-routine, the critical care nurse will have an information need and will need to seek information to complete this patient task.
Ryan and Pintrich (1997) examined the factors that motivate students to seek help for difficulties in math classes and found that perceived cognitive competence was negatively correlated with avoidance of help seeking, whereas preference for extrinsic goals and perceived threat were positively correlated with an avoidance of help seeking.
Those who set up a business within the Transport and Storage sector were least likely to seek advice.
For example, a person may be motivated to seek feedback in order to promote his or her work so that others will view him or her more favorably (Morrison and Bies, 1991).
Why do affluent Americans seek health via their computers?
6511 is of utmost importance in protecting the taxpayer's right to seek a civil action for a refund.
Preadolescents and adolescents who are enrolled in Medicaid and seek reproductive health services have an elevated likelihood of being abused or engaging in criminal behavior, both before and after their reproductive health visits, according to a recent cross-sectional analysis of Alaskan public health databases.
They seek far bigger profits, and an offshoot of the business has appeared: Investors and their minions are populating websites with hip graphics and nominal online tools.
(20) See, e.g., New York State Bar Association Tax Section, NYSBA Seeks Reconsideration of Circular 230 Rules, 2005 TAX NOTES Today 43-56 (March 3, 2005); Michael Schler, et al., Attorneys Seek Revisions to Circular 230 Based on Practical Problems, 2005 TAX NOTES TODAY 207-14 (Oct.
While there are undoubtedly examples of over-zealous buyers giving in to a seller's draft agreement simply to win the deal, purchase agreements still tend to contain many of the provisions that buyers typically seek: comprehensive representations and warranties, purchase price adjustments and indemnification rights--sellers are not walking away with premium prices without standing behind their businesses.