see (one) coming

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see (one) coming

To view someone as being particularly gullible and thus easy to deceive, swindle, or exploit. The guys in that shop must have seen me coming, because they convinced me to buy the most expensive stuff they had.
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see someone coming

recognize a person who can be fooled or deceived. informal
See also: coming, see, someone

see somebody ˈcoming

(informal) know that somebody is innocent or stupid and decide to lie to them or cheat them: ‘I paid €500 for it, and it doesn’t work!’ ‘They must have seen you coming.’
See also: coming, see, somebody
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I would much rather be where I am, gaining ground on someone, than looking over my shoulder and seeing someone coming from behind to catch me,'' Hahn said at a late afternoon news conference.
A caller to the Lost Hills sheriff's station reported seeing someone coming off the trail who looked disheveled and was wearing clothing similar to what Perryman was last seen in, said family friend Larry Brambles.