see (one) right

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see (one) right

1. To assist one. I can't thank you enough for seeing me right throughout this process.
2. To pay one. Make sure you see him right before he leaves. I like to settle all my accounts.
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see someone right

make sure that a person is appropriately rewarded or looked after. British informal
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see somebody (all) ˈright

(American English also do somebody ˈright) (informal) make sure that somebody is treated correctly, paid properly for something they have done, etc: If I die, then the company will see my wife right.
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Americana is a trend we're seeing right now," said Ed Kiem, vice president of sales at C.
I'm not ready to leave this area yet; our equipment is telling us more than our eyes are seeing right now.
That's exactly what we're seeing right now," Obama said.
In the middle stand the so-called silent majority, sometimes left leaning, sometimes right looking, reacting separately to individual people and events, seeing right and wrong sometimes simultaneously.
What we are seeing right now - with some guys on the disabled list - is he's getting a chance to play and is playing terrific baseball.
PAT FLYNN, who was attending the funeral of one of his owners, missed seeing Right Job return to form in effortless style under former top showjumper Robert Power to land the two-mile handicap hurdle.
He added: "What we are seeing right now is a steadier picture.
Full marks then to Showcase cinemas for seeing right through this transparent gimmick.