see around

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see around

1. Literally, to see what is in front of or on the other side of someone or something. I got stuck behind this giant guy at the concert, and I couldn't see around him the entire night! Can you see around the car ahead of us? Is there an accident up ahead or something?
2. To be able to perceive or understand that which has been obfuscated. He was trying to pass it off as an accident, but I could see around his ruse. We've got to learn to see around the government's propaganda.
3. To notice or recognize someone or something in the proximity or vicinity of something or some place. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "see" and "around." A: "Have you seen my keys recently?" B: "I think I saw them somewhere around the TV." A witness claims she saw the fugitive around the underpass of the highway leading out of town.
4. To notice or recognize someone in or around some place or places, especially often or regularly. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "see" and "around." I don't know his name, but I see him around campus quite a bit. She must be new to the company. I haven't seen her around before.
5. A casual farewell expression to someone else, whether or not one expects to see the other person again in the future. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "see" and "around," usually "you." A: "I'd better get going, Tom." B: "All right, Mark. See you around!" I was pretty ready for the date to be over, so thanked her for dinner, told her I would see her around, and hopped in a taxi to go home.
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see someone or something around something

to notice someone or something in the vicinity of something or near something. I saw the boys around the swings on the playground. Did you see my cat around the neighborhood anywhere?
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see around something

1. Lit. to see what is on the other side of or partially concealed by something. I could not see around the truck in front of me. Do you think I can see around corners?
2. Fig. to perceive someone's deception. I see around your trickery! We all see around your stated purpose!
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See you around.

Inf. I will see you again somewhere. Bob: Bye for now. Jane: See you around. Tom: See you around, Fred. Fred: Sure, Tom. See you.
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"We have three clinics and per week we are seeing around 30 cases.
Witnesses described seeing around 10 police cars around the Leasowe Road area near the lighthouse in Wallasey, along with a coastguard van, after the crash just before 11pm.
The service is seeing around 100 new packaged account complaints each week, up from 40 a week this time last year - and in four-fifths (80%) of cases it is upholding consumers' complaints.
Rajeev Chauhan, a local volunteer operating in Gaurikund area, said locals have reported seeing around 1,000 bodies in and around Kedarnath.
An eyewitness reported seeing around "12 heavily armed police officers with big guns" at 2am yesterday in Midville Walk, Netherfields.
It is set to be implemented by April seeing around 70 per cent of staff getting pay rises.