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Each capuchin was placed in a test chamber and exposed twice to each of three conditions: seeing an unfamiliar, stone-sex monkey on the other side of a clear barrier positioned behind a mesh screen; seeing a familiar, same-sex monkey through the same setup; and seeing his or her own reflection in a mirror placed behind a mesh screen.
He punished himself for breaking the incest barrier even as he blinded himself for seeing what he couldn't believe he saw.
His only "evidence" for the missile theory are descriptive similes used by witnesses who attested to seeing a plane but who compared the plane to a missile.
No data could be found on how many fathers are actually seeing their children as a result of being granted visitation privileges.
In chi-square analysis, several factors were significantly associated with physicians' offering HIV testing to all pregnant patients: specializing in obstetrics and gynecology; seeing 100 or more pregnant patients per year; being younger than 50; seeing primarily patients who use Medicaid; having more than 60% of patients accept HIV testing; having seen at least one pregnant patient with HIV; having made at least one HIV diagnosis through routine prenatal testing; and having a patient population that was at least 70% black.
So, can you give me a general sense of what you are seeing as brokers in the field in terms of leasing?
For African Americans, this leads to a condition of "hypervisibility," in which "the very publicness of black people as a social fact works to undermine the possibility of actually seeing black specificity" (Lubiano 187).
The researchers pursued the idea of seeing smells after observing that many of the most toxic--and foul-smelling--compounds readily bind metals.
Probably the biggest risk is taking saw palmetto to relieve the discomfort of BPH without first seeing your physician to rule out prostate cancer, which can have the same symptoms.
If the difficulty that Galileo's witnesses face is, for them, one of seeing, we might argue that it is also one of reading.
His investigations into ways of seeing, 'expressiveness' and 'usefulness' in architecture owe (and are here credited) much to Wollheim, Collingwood and Scruton, and as is often the case with people who take this line of attack, none other than Kant is ever lurking in the background, scratching away at thoughts that seem unhelpful in the light of the nineteenth century.
Following the television series, Berger created a book, also called Ways of Seeing (Berger, 1974) which, like the television series, could be said to be "about" art and visual images.
in other fuels, especially the ones seeing oxygenated fuel,
A key to seeing what's within has to do with letting go.