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This act of synthesis, this unity with the world, stands opposed in Sartre's thinking to the philosophy of immanence in which consciousness is always attempting to capture itself in its own mirror: seeing itself seeing, touching itself touching.
The most dynamic fundamental of the numbers is seeing where the most activity was.
Seeing Moira Shearer's glorious red hair--practically the raison d'etre of the film--made her realize that one need not be a brunette to succeed, and she went on to a rewarding career in ballet.
"It, s about seeing the world through the agency of the body," he explained during a break in rehearsals one searingly hot June afternoon.
On the one hand it critiques the idea of the autonomous artwork, exploring the artwork's relation to the institution of art, and to social practice in general; on the other, it is concerned with the socialization of seeing, the codification of visual and verbal languages by which identities are structured both socially and historically.
"What's happening is that the VA is overwhelmed with active-duty folks and reservists returning home." That leaves a tremendous gap in treatment for those suffering from the traumas associated with war: seeing fellow troops killed or wounded, being involved in combat where military personnel tire upon others, and seeing innocent civilians wounded or killed in conflict.
So these two men represent two basic ways of thinking, two ways of seeing the world: as basically natural or as supernatural, and they thus symbolize the basic differences between theology and science.
With superbly drawn illustrations by Claudine Gevry, Seeing Stars by Dandi Daley Mackall is a picturebook introduction to a remarkable collection of constellations and star figures ranging from Orion the Hunter, to Draco the dragon, to Cassiopeia the Queen, to so many more, all tied together with a charming set of verses commenting on each featured star pattern.
Vision means seeing. It means seeing clearly, deeply and differently.
With enough references to the original strip to keep things moving along swiftly, Dog Sees God is a fun romp for anyone who doesn't mind seeing their beloved "Peanuts" characters tarnished by alcohol, sex, and violence.
While smaller, regional companies do not have these same needs, we are seeing other trends occur, specifically at the individual business line level.
That monkeys get "weirded out" by seeing themselves in mirrors doesn't seem unexpected ("Reflections of Primate Minds: Mirror images strike monkeys as special," SN: 7/23/05, p.
His only 'evidence' for the missile theory are descriptive similes used by witnesses who attested to seeing a plane but who compared the plane to a missile.
For dancers, those pivotal moments might come from seeing a breathtaking performance, watching the evolving artistry of a colleague, or opening their minds to the revelations offered by a coach, choreographer, or director.