show the door

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show (one) the door

1. Literally, to accompany someone to the exit from a room or building. (Sometimes words as "show someone to the door.") Thank you so much for coming in for the interview. John, would you please show Mr. Porter the door? Sir, if you don't calm down, I'm afraid I'll have to show you to the door.
2. By extension, to fire someone from a job. I'll let you off with a warning this once, but if you ever show up to work smelling of alcohol again, I'll show you the door so fast it will make your head spin.
See also: door, show

show someone (to) the door

 and see someone to the door
to lead or take someone to the door or exit. After we finished our talk, she showed me to the door. Bill and I finished our chat as he saw me to the door.
See also: door, show

show (someone) the door

1. To eject (someone) from the premises.
2. To terminate the employment of; fire.
See also: door, show