see the last of

see the last of (someone or something)

To no longer encounter a certain person or thing. Often used in the negative. I doubt we've seen the last of Mr. Cramer. He frequently complains to our department. When will we finally see the last of this stupid fad?
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see the last of someone or something

to have experienced the last visit, episode, adventure, etc., with someone or something. I hope I have seen the last of Robert Ellis! We have seen the last of grandma's homemade strawberry jam.
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see the last of

End one's dealings with someone or something, as in I hope I've seen the last of those boring ice shows, or We haven't seen the last of Jerry-he'll be back. [Early 1800s]
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hear/see the ˈend/the last of somebody/something

(often used with not, never, etc.) keep being reminded of something because somebody is always talking about it: We’ll never hear the end of her visit to Buckingham Palace.If we don’t get her a dog, we’ll never hear the end of it.
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