see beyond

see beyond something

1. Lit. to be able to perceive into the distance beyond something. Can you see beyond the big tree there, where the barn is on the horizon? I can't see beyond the end of the road. I think I need glasses.
2. Fig. to be able to imagine the future beyond a certain time or event. He can't see beyond the next dayno sense of the future. Todd is usually able to see beyond his immediate situation. Ida not know what happened this time.
See also: beyond, see
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Incorporating these strategies into health education strategies could help teens see beyond the temptation of immediate pleasures and avoid risky situations.
Summary: "People rarely see beyond the surface of a life," laments one of Anne-Marie Drosso's characters in her short-story collection "Cairo Stories.
Like most youngsters of my generation, I couldn't see beyond the penguin suits favoured by the performers.
When readers comprehend from a critical stance, they see beyond the text, question the author's intent, and seek to understand how they are influenced by the author's message.
And he's hoping a potential buyer also will see beyond flaws and be willing to pay $2.
By combining positive black-and-white images with negative black-and-white images, students learn to think and see beyond the surface, conceptualize beyond the mundane, and employ their imaginative sense of sight.