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seduce (one) (away) from (someone or something)

To lead, attract, or entice one away from some person, thing, or place. She was seduced from her strict moral code by the promise of political power. I know it's a cliché, but I can't help feeling nervous that Tom's secretary is going to seduce him away from me. The promise of untold riches in the dangerous land seduced many reckless adventurers away from their homes.
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seduce someone from something

to lure someone away from something. The crooked agent seduced Jerry from his usual honest behavior. Frank was seduced from his proper ways by the offer of money.
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"The unprecedented economic situation means the rules have changed and duly seduced councillors beware the jobs are a mirage as the scheme is not capable of being delivered."
Seduced her in the surgery and had sex with her in his consulting room;
He said: 'You were in a supervisory capacity and I have no doubt you sought out and seduced this girl.
Seduced examines how product designers and advertisers use sex to sell their products, and features a character who is seduced by a beer poster into going for a drink and missing an important appointment.
When Timothy Leary extolled LSD's sex-enhancing qualities in a 1966 interview with Playboy, he fueled the fears of parents who worried that their daughters would be seduced into a decadent world of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.
It's a morphing that I'm sure many of my demographic brethren also experienced--born in the middle or late '50s, too young for Vietnam but old enough for the Beatles, seduced in varying degrees by drugs, and disenchanted by Watergate and Iran-Contra.
It just may have seduced us away from thinking of communication as a total process, circling from sender to receiver and back again.
Charmed by its playful costumes and clowning Christ, we are seduced by Godspell's parable and find ourselves lovingly tricked by a jesting God who has snuck beneath our defenses disguised in greasepaint.
And asked what is it about her that captivates so many men, she said: ``I always liked to seduce and to be seduced.''
Over the years, Ire compulsively seduced (and very likely raped) a series of young women, some of them barely out of puberty, who were financially and emotionally dependent on him.
While the first section of the collection warns against being seduced by tropical fantasies rooted in race and gender, the third section, by taking us into the psyches of its male characters, cautions against being seduced by urban stereotypes similarly rooted in race and gender.
After drowning her eighteen-month-old daughter, Aylward told the police "she could have no nature for the child, for the father denied the child." Though the jury convicted her they recommended her to mercy "on account of her youth, on account of her honest efforts to support the child for so long and finally on account of the state of desperation to which she had been driven by the heartless desertion of the father of the child who had seduced her, and his flight to America with her sister whom he had also seduced." Aylward's death sentence was commuted to life.
Ixion seduced the pseudo-Hera, who conceived and bore the centaurs.