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seduce (one) (away) from (someone or something)

To lead, attract, or entice one away from some person, thing, or place. She was seduced from her strict moral code by the promise of political power. I know it's a cliché, but I can't help feeling nervous that Tom's secretary is going to seduce him away from me. The promise of untold riches in the dangerous land seduced many reckless adventurers away from their homes.
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seduce someone from something

to lure someone away from something. The crooked agent seduced Jerry from his usual honest behavior. Frank was seduced from his proper ways by the offer of money.
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The chapters contain information on how to successfully pursue women, how to date women, women's sexuality and sensuality, how to overcome your shyness, goal-setting techniques to succeed with women, using body language to meet women, and how to seduce women on the dance floor.
The references to feminine beauty are made in passing, there is no use of vanity to seduce as recommended by French manuals for courtship and practiced by Moliere's Don Juan in similar circumstances.(19) Nor had Don Juan attempted to appeal to Tisbea's vanity during the earlier seduction.
Leathers goes on to say that "in case anyone wants to be as stupid as she was," could use a guide on how to seduce a politician.
In her lingerie, there are few she couldn't seduce.
THE END OF COMMITMENT: INTELLECTUALS, REVOLUTIONARIES, AND POLITICAL MORALITY examples questions of political morality, belief changes, and commitments, examining the moral limits of individuals and why ideologies can seduce even the most reasoned.
George and Julian Marchmont made a wager that they could meet and seduce Cassandra Woodford and Rosalind Powell, two beautiful and mysterious young ladies cloistered away behind the walls of a Gothic abbey.
That is one powerful piece of plastic, able to "seduce" even "the best parents" into a "bad" choice.
A controversial TV show in which couples are marooned on a desert island while sexy singles try to seduce them is coming to UK screens.
The 51-year-old, lawyer by profession, who revealed that she is 'over 40' but never gives up her real age, is pitching for a new TV show about how to seduce men, the Daily Express reported.
I had to seduce him.' The shapely ex-Big Breakfast babe was bursting out of her frock as she talked about the film at Gateshead Baltic Art Gallery.
Is it manipulative of filmmakers to place the audience in this position, to seduce them, in order to make them like a film?
On the eve of a new millennium, Poliphilo's enchanted world should remind us all of the potential of architecture to seduce.
Seduce Me, a new point-and-click dating sim developed by Dutch indie studio No Reply Games, has been banned from Valve's Greenlight service due to its alleged explicit content.
London, Sept 7 (ANI): An Indian-origin doctor in England, who has been accused groping a patient during a physical examination, defended himself saying that she tried to seduce him, according to a hearing.
VETERAN actress Anna Wing has told how she begged a famous scientist to seduce her.