security against

security against (someone or something)

Protection from someone or something; that which ensures the safety of someone or something from something else. Our antivirus software offers you security against all manner of malicious cyber-threats. The prisoner offered to testify in exchange for security against prison time. The entrances and exits have all been fitted with deadbolts and cameras to provide security against intruders.
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security against something

something that keeps something safe; something that protects; a protection. Insurance provides security against the financial losses owing to theft, loss, or damage. A good education is a security against unemployment.
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Security against defeat implies defensive tactics; ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive.
As to those just causes of war which proceed from direct and unlawful violence, it appears equally clear to me that one good national government affords vastly more security against dangers of that sort than can be derived from any other quarter.
But it is with jealousy as with the gout: when such distempers are in the blood, there is never any security against their breaking out; and that often on the slightest occasions, and when least suspected.
He knew that his sole means of security against people was to hide his wounds from them, and instinctively he tried to do this for two days, but now he felt incapable of keeping up the unequal struggle.
This is a prodigious security against a direct contraband with foreign countries; but a circuitous contraband to one State, through the medium of another, would be both easy and safe.
"Father," replied Adam, speaking with the calmness of his character, "I came to your village a disappointed man, weary of the world, worn out with continual trouble, seeking only a security against evil fortune, as I had no hope of good.
This fashion is as old as Palestine itself and was adopted in ancient times for security against enemies.
To have in general but little feeling, seems to be the only security against feeling too much on any particular occasion.
The religion of the Dodsons consisted in revering whatever was customary and respectable; it was necessary to be baptized, else one could not be buried in the church-yard, and to take the sacrament before death, as a security against more dimly understood perils; but it was of equal necessity to have the proper pall-bearers and well-cured hams at one's funeral, and to leave an unimpeachable will.
This, to be sure, was only another reason for persevering in his intention, and getting an additional security against himself.
Arthur would soon join his regiment, and be far away: no, there could be no danger in that quarter, even if Arthur's character had not been a strong security against it.
Energy in government is essential to that security against external and internal danger, and to that prompt and salutary execution of the laws which enter into the very definition of good government.
The head of the service should have the necessary expertise, expressed in specific knowledge and professional experience, to ensure that fulfills the basic tasks, not only in obtaining intelligence but also in information needed for the defense of the country and for the protection of the national security against external threats.
But they must also take measures to maintain security against evolving threats, says Kevin Alexandra, principal consultant at BeyondTrust.
The President made the remarks after Asean leaders agreed on a Vision Statement on Partnership for Sustainability, which mapped plans to enhance regional security against threats from the Islamic State and other terror groups.
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