secure against

secure against (someone or something)

1. To put in place protections against some kind of risk, threat, or danger. The doors have been fitted with deadbolts and security cameras to secure against intruders. We help new business owners secure against all manner of financial pitfalls. The prime minister is trying to secure against a no-confidence vote in parliament.
2. To add protections to something in order to prevent or deter some kind of risk, threat, or danger. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "secure" and "against." We should secure the doors against the rioters outside. The military began cracking down on dissenters to secure its control of the country against rebellion. This program secures software against piracy.
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secure something against (someone, something, or an animal)

1. to fasten something against the entry of someone, an animal, or something. Jane secured the doors and windows against the prowler who was roving around the neighborhood. You had better secure the henhouse against coyotes.
2. to obtain a legal order involving someone or something. I secured an injunction against Harry. If he bothers you again, he'll have to go into court to explain himself. We can't secure an injunction against this ruling.
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References in classic literature ?
"Here we are in my study, with the door closed, secure against interruption, a bright fire in the grate, a bowling and ever-increasing wind outside.
I thought he was trying to read my character, but I felt as secure against his scrutiny as if I had had on a casque with the visor down-or rather I showed him my countenance with the confidence that one would show an unlearned man a letter written in Greek; he might see lines, and trace characters, but he could make nothing of them; my nature was not his nature, and its signs were to him like the words of an unknown tongue.
I slid back the panelled sides, got in with my light, pulled them together again, and felt secure against the vigilance of Heathcliff, and every one else.
Let any one now consider with that little difficulty the king could have maintained his position in Italy had he observed the rules above laid down, and kept all his friends secure and protected; for although they were numerous they were both weak and timid, some afraid of the Church, some of the Venetians, and thus they would always have been forced to stand in with him, and by their means he could easily have made himself secure against those who remained powerful.
David Drake's The Storm (9781481483698, $26.00) tells of Jon the Leader, who wants to reunite a group of scattered survivors into a Commonwealth where all humans can feel secure against the monsters and forces that have threatened their lives.
The Philippines central bank has said that the banking sector is secure against operational hazards.
Our risk management controls and multi layers of protection have ensured that the banks data and systems remain secure against any untoward fraudulent activity.
The company has updated the Switch hardware with Nvidia Tegra chips which are secure against the exploit that goes by the name 'frozen rocket', Engadget reported.
Raid victim Richard deserves to enjoy his retirement in the couple's existing home, secure against predators.
"Whilst arrests have been made it is timely to remind the public to secure their property, locking windows and doors, and make their homes secure against preying criminals."
Fearon challenged the admissibility of the cellphone's content as evidence based on his Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms right to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure (section 8 of the Charter).
And regulators must also ensure that online purchases are fully secure against those who would dupe consumers over their credit card payments.
The unfortunate upshot of such unwanted publicity is that Dublin Airport will now attract the wrong kind of attention from the very people it needs to be secure against.
The town already has more than 2,500 people in a traditional NW scheme, and the new online initiative aims to help more residents keep their homes secure against thieves and criminals.
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