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secure against (someone or something)

1. To put in place protections against some kind of risk, threat, or danger. The doors have been fitted with deadbolts and security cameras to secure against intruders. We help new business owners secure against all manner of financial pitfalls. The prime minister is trying to secure against a no-confidence vote in parliament.
2. To add protections to something in order to prevent or deter some kind of risk, threat, or danger. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "secure" and "against." We should secure the doors against the rioters outside. The military began cracking down on dissenters to secure its control of the country against rebellion. This program secures software against piracy.
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*a hold on someone a strong

 and secure influence on someone
(*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone~.) The strange religion seemed to have a strong hold on its followers. The drug has a hold on the minds of those who use it.
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secure something against (someone, something, or an animal)

1. to fasten something against the entry of someone, an animal, or something. Jane secured the doors and windows against the prowler who was roving around the neighborhood. You had better secure the henhouse against coyotes.
2. to obtain a legal order involving someone or something. I secured an injunction against Harry. If he bothers you again, he'll have to go into court to explain himself. We can't secure an injunction against this ruling.
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One possible explanation of these differences would be that cigarette firms' secured debt capacities are limited by their securable assets.
And after the words "Private and securable home acceptable for Sharon, plus $200 per week for maid service" a pounds 2,000-a-week allowance has been inserted.
According to Linux advocates, Linux is among the most versatile, stable, and securable operating systems ever developed.
If the doors need to be opened for ventilation purposes, a securable overhead gate or overhead screen door will need to be installed and locked in the down position to prevent entry through that door position.
The older phones were not securable," he told reporters during a briefing in Leesburg, Va.
The virtual machine provides a clean, safe context with a well-defined, securable interface into the rest of the system.
Each securable object in the NT system has an associated data structure, containing all of its security information.
Is it a service business with few securable fixed assets?
FibrBoss CB-1 is a securable, environmentally sealed customer premises box that can store loose fiber and house as many as 48 fiber splices and 24 fiber connections on a patch panel.
white men's) superiority have been grounded in a logic that weds securable nationalism to secure masculinity - such as military armipotence, economic domination, catastrophic contest with an archenemy, exploiting others' natural resources, dictating others' political affairs, and enacting national priorities without reference to their deleterious effects on others.
21) The new laws have also expanded the range of securable obligations to include those arising after conclusion of the security agreement.
Therefore we might expect firms to find internal funds much cheaper than external, and equity cheaper than debt (because of the lack of a securable asset) when financing this investment.
25, 1993) (summarizing plaintiffs' original statement of claims, including allegations that delays in processing of expedited food stamp applications resulted from defendants' demands for verification of eligibility criteria other than identity, and for documentation of identity beyond that securable through collateral contacts).