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the nosebleed section

A seating area very high up in a stadium or theater, as for a sporting event, musical performance, play, etc., which typically costs less money but has a restricted view. "Nosebleed" refers jocularly to the effects of extremely high altitudes on the body, which can often cause nasal hemorrhaging, among other symptoms. I wish you wouldn't be so stingy when you're buying tickets. I'm sick of watching football games up in the nosebleed section! I waited too long to get tickets to the concert, so all that was left was a seat in the nosebleed section way in the back.
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thin section

A slice of an object or substance that can be viewed under a microscope. Where is the thin section of that mineral specimen? I want to take a look at it under the microscope.
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golden section

A division in a line such that the proportion of the whole to the larger area is equal to the proportion of the larger area to the smaller one. The mathematical golden section has been employed in all manner of things, not the least in art, architecture, and even philosophy.
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section off

To partition something or a portion of something with a section or other barrier to make it private or obscure it from view. A noun or pronoun can be used between "section" and "off." To save money, Chris moved into the living room and sectioned off a space for his bed with an old bedsheet tacked up to the walls and ceiling. They've had to section the movie set off with a giant makeshift fence so that onlookers don't learn any secrets about the film.
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the golden section

the division of a line so that the whole is to the greater part as that part is to the smaller part.
This is a mathematical term for a proportion known since the 4th century and mentioned in the works of the Greek mathematician Euclid. It has been called by several names, but the mid 19th-century German one goldene Schnitt , translating Latin sectio aurea , has given rise to the current English term.
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section off

To separate or divide some area: A bookcase sectioned off the sitting area from the dining area. The apartment had no rooms, so we sectioned it off with screens.
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