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the nosebleed section

A seating area very high up in a stadium or theater, as for a sporting event, musical performance, play, etc., which typically costs less money but has a restricted view. "Nosebleed" refers jocularly to the effects of extremely high altitudes on the body, which can often cause nasal hemorrhaging, among other symptoms. I wish you wouldn't be so stingy when you're buying tickets. I'm sick of watching football games up in the nosebleed section! I waited too long to get tickets to the concert, so all that was left was a seat in the nosebleed section way in the back.
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thin section

A slice of an object or substance that can be viewed under a microscope. Where is the thin section of that mineral specimen? I want to take a look at it under the microscope.
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the golden section

the division of a line so that the whole is to the greater part as that part is to the smaller part.
This is a mathematical term for a proportion known since the 4th century and mentioned in the works of the Greek mathematician Euclid. It has been called by several names, but the mid 19th-century German one goldene Schnitt , translating Latin sectio aurea , has given rise to the current English term.
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section off

To separate or divide some area: A bookcase sectioned off the sitting area from the dining area. The apartment had no rooms, so we sectioned it off with screens.
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