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I believed that she had the arsenic secretly in her possession, and that she had tried, or intended to try, the use of it internally, for the purpose of improving her complexion.
And he thought of Oona, and of her words: "And when the fighting begins, it is for thee, Negore, to crawl secretly away so that thou be not slain.
She consented to the parting--with a mind secretly depressed, and secretly doubtful of the future.
And how secretly, simply, and most of all, how trustfully
And Duson died from a dose of that same poison, a packet of which you procured secretly from Emil Sachs.
He has left behind a letter, in which he confesses that he has for some time supplemented the profits of his wine-shop by selling secretly certain deadly poisons of his own concoctions.
I should have remembered my position, and have put myself secretly on my guard.
There were certain elements of the change in her that were still secretly drawing us together, and others that were, as secretly, beginning to drive us apart.
When she pleaded to me her youth, and his wretched and hard life (that was her phrase for the virtuous training he had belied), and the desecrated ceremony of marriage there had secretly been between them, and the terrors of want and shame that had overwhelmed them both when I was first appointed to be the instrument of their punishment, and the love (for she said the word to me, down at my feet) in which she had abandoned him and left him to me, was it my enemy that became my footstool, were they the words of my wrath that made her shrink and quiver
Then Arthur's father, who has all along been secretly pining in the ways of virtuous ruggedness for those accursed snares which are called the Arts, becomes acquainted with her.
Only promise me, that, if it's the poor thing that's kept here secretly, you'll let me take charge of her and be her nurse.
No more calendars featuring unclad folk of riper years, saying that they are doing it for fun, but secretly thinking they are quite sexy.
th] grade teacher, David McMillen, for secretly videotaping underneath her desk in a classroom on multiple occasions.
Dubai: A driver accused of secretly filming his neighbour's wife as she was about to take a shower has been jailed for three months.
What started as a sweet tweet of two kiddos turned into a nasty rumor that Sherine Abdel Wahab was secretly married to her producer Yaser Khalil .