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His secret temples are hidden in the heart of every community.
Only two are known to exist, and these were worn as the insignia of their rank and position by the two old men in whose charge was placed the operation of the great engines which pump the artificial atmosphere to all parts of Mars from the huge atmosphere plant, the secret to whose mighty portals placed in my possession the ability to save from immediate extinction the life of a whole world.
"I know not Lethe nor Nepenthe," remarked he; "but I have learned many new secrets in the wilderness, and here is one of them -- a recipe that an Indian taught me, in requital of some lessons of my own, that were as old as Paracelsus.
Say that you choose to keep your own secrets, and I shall understand what you mean."
"That when once taken, he shall be shut up in a fortress from which her secret shall never escape."
Not alone was their work confined to unseen warfare with the secret agents of the Oligarchy.
First, the weeding out from our circles of the secret agents of the Oligarchy.
We mined the organization of the Iron Heel with our secret agents, and the Iron Heel countermined with its secret agents inside its own organization.
Excepting the secrets of our prison-house, he was ready enough to talk on subjects about which I was curious.
The doctor was not the sort of man to give his daughter, or any other woman, the slightest chance of surprising his secrets.
"Looks like a secret society got hold of them," said Bert.
"Secret society," he repeated, with his pipe between his teeth and the match flaring, in response to his words.
Butteridge, and the extraordinary terms he demanded for the secret of his machine.
She had not heard the martial music of the garrison, melting on the evening air, nor seen the strange banner, which fluttered over the heights that rose at no great distance from her father's extensive grounds, without experiencing some of those secret impulses which are thought to distinguish the sex.
Stimulated no less by the unpropitious aspect of the skies, than by his secret uneasiness, he quickened his pace, making long and rapid strides in the direction of the cottage of Inesella.