second thoughts

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*second thoughts (about someone or something)

new doubts about someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I'm beginning to get second thoughts about Tom. You're giving me second thoughts about going there. I'm having second thoughts also.
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Amanda prepares to bid farewell, while Peter begins to have second thoughts about their relationship.
He may have had some second thoughts but if he wanted you back he'd have said so by now.
For two years, the pair bargained on and off but just couldn't seem to hash out a deal, mainly because the tenant, a major retailer represented by Zelnik, was having second thoughts regarding its expansion plans.
Sanctuary forces the Canadian government to at least have second thoughts about its actions, and because of this, should continue to be exercised by the church.
However, when the clerk pulled a real handgun, the robber bad second thoughts and opted instead to flee.
Yet even the narrator is having second thoughts by the film's end.
Yet Holland has never wanted to be on the front lines, and the possibility of it has given him second thoughts about joining the military.
The word is that even Vice President Dick Cheney, who recruited long-time pal O'Neill for the job, is starting to have second thoughts about whether he made a bad personnel decision.
He then had second thoughts about shutting the engine down and immediately placed the starboard throttle back to idle, which successfully air-started the engine.
Aside from entertaining some, perhaps quiet, second thoughts about the quality of nursing care, facility management tends to blame the bed, or support surface, itself.
Members of theatre group Second Thoughts set up a 1940s kitchen with authentic food and utensils.
Cardinal Adrian Simonis, who has become the often unheeded conscience of his nation, still hopes that the senate may have second thoughts.
But some council members may be having second thoughts.
Indeed, the critique of prohibition is so familiar (at least in vague outline) to journalists, academics, and legal thinkers that people are not only having second thoughts about the drug laws, they are having second thoughts about their second thoughts.
Investors and politicians backing the mergers may be having second thoughts