second nature to

second nature

An intuitive, instinctive, or innate ability, habit, or trait usually achieved because one performs or practices a certain action very often or for a very long time. I know this data entry process seems complex now, but it'll be second nature after you do it for a few weeks. Don't worry, navigating these winding roads is second nature for me at this point.
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*second nature to someone

easy and natural for someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Swimming is second nature to Jane. Flying a helicopter is no problem for Bob. It's become second nature to him.
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She quite forgot the genteel reserve which had become second nature to her.
Momaya was determined to give all that Bukawai asked if she could do no better, but haggling is second nature to black barterers, and in the end it partly repaid her, for a compromise finally was reached which included three fat goats, a new sleeping mat, and a piece of copper wire.
Vane glanced at her, and with one of those false theatrical gestures that so often become a mode of second nature to a stage-player, clasped her in her arms.
He's trying not to worry and focuses his energy on practicing kindness: something that's second nature to him.
For the four amateur chefs who've made it through to the third quarter-final, trying to work out the delicate balance of flavours is second nature to some, but not so much for others.
In Calendar Girls, we were all so used to quick changes and getting in and out of costumes that it became second nature to us - actors tend to get a bit blase about it.
For a guy who not only takes pride in running for office at full throttle but is a lawyer to boot, you'd think dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's would be second nature to Congressman Paul Hodes.
"Our goal through this campaign is to increase awareness among parents and children so that it will become second nature to use protective hearing techniques when they're exposed to loud noise, just like it's become second nature for many people to wear sunscreen when they're at the beach or to strap on a helmet when they go biking."
Rallying was second nature to him; he was so good he could just drive in any race.
Plain, simple moves to practice until they are second nature to you WILL SAVE LIVES--most likely yours.
"It's now second nature to take my shoes off before I go on stage."
"The mission is to make drivers aware of the weight difference, and eventually, handling the vehicles will become second nature to them again."
I was determined to make rhythm second nature to these left-handed students.
"He's always in the gym and all the techniques have become second nature to him.
EARTHY EXPLORER Investigating nature comes second nature to you!