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If you look more closely, there are many different utility functions that come into play, like adjusted career risk, or the element of second guessing, particularly in committee-based investment decisions in large, complex organizations.
And the CIO in turn may be second guessing the investment committee who may be second guessing the board of directors, who is second guessing the media and politicians they are responsible to.
But now she's second guessing her decision, because Tristan is so hot.
Now that the question of the next head of the International Monetary Fund has been settled, the normal second guessing has already set in.
We keep second guessing the duo's real motives; their interpersonal power plays are often more intriguing than their criminal designs.
But judging medical malpractice requires second guessing of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of subtle factors that go into a complex professional judgment.
There will be no room for second guessing or Monday morning quarterbacking by those opposed to development.
The appropriateness of searches are always subject to second guessing.
With today's market pressures, there is no time for silicon re-spins and second guessing whether a chip will work.
Crouse's second guessing of a process she knows nothing about, more than four years after the fact, shows that she wrote her column in a data-free environment.
If you go with your second choice, you are in for a lot of second guessing.
Why not let the public do the second guessing instead of the council, which we have warned repeatedly will try to confuse and undermine what the reform commissions put forward.