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The first and second liens cover virtually all of a typical financing.
Divided into three parts, Part One of Second to None traces the early history of the church--from the beginnings of Second Baptist Church in 1854 as a split from First Baptist Church of Atlanta over the use of a small reed organ to the new church's rise in prominence within the Southern Baptist Convention.
As a result, by the time their pregnancy was confirmed, 58% of women who eventually underwent second-trimester abortions were already in their second trimester.
The relief interval between runs in the first set is 45 seconds, and is upped to 50 seconds for the second set.
The clocks, most of them governed by the ultrasteady vibrations of electrons in cesium atoms, are accurate to a tenth of a billionth of a second a day.
The ongoing debate over the most appropriate and effective method of instruction for second language students has torn the field in opposing directions for decades.
Second Place: Margareta Curuci, Southern Division (North Carolina); Juliusz Bujalski, teacher
Since the early 1990s, Second City, a launching pad for former "Saturday Night Live" cast members such as John Belushi, Tim Meadows, Mike Myers and Gilda Radner, has contemplated opening a theater venue in a black community.
The second stage then consists of a regression of the estimated Z effects (i.
1] Yet despite this success, survivors who have heritable retinoblastoma are at an increased risk of developing a second malignant neoplasm.
She pushes off the floor and establishes second in the air with both legs straight and feet pointed, making sure the second leg remains turned out, does not move back behind her hips, and doesn't kick out (she freezes the legs, fostering the illusion that she has stopped in midair).
Hunters, target-shooters, and gun collectors have always been great devotees of the Second Amendment, and until quite recently by far the majority of writing on the subject was to be found in magazines dealing with outdoor recreation, hunting and fishing, or firearms hobbies.
He was speaking of the Second Coming of Christ, which is promised in scripture and so much a part of Catholic eschatology - the theology of last or final matters.