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secede from (something or some place)

To withdraw or split off from some nation, company, organization, or other established group as an separate and independent entity. The largely autonomous region has been seeking to secede from the country for years. The king wants to secede from the alliance with France. The band of developers formed their own studio after seceding from the software company last fall.
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secede from something

to withdraw from something. Which was the first state to secede from the Union? We do not want to secede from the organization, but we will if we must.
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MILITARYbrWhen the Northern Frontier District of Kenya attempted to secede shortly after independence to be part of what was then known as Greater Somalia, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta's government responded with ruthless military force, ending the Shifta insurgency in 1967.
He pointed out that last year more than 100,000 Texans signed an online petition calling on the Obama Administration to allow Texas to secede.
Most Likely to Secede gives tangible meaning to the popular admonition to "think globally and act locally.
Al Baidh was the second most powerful man after Saleh in unified Yemen until 1994 when he left for Oman after he failed to secede from the north through forceful means.
If the Acehnese and Papuans are given the right to secede, even though they have been part and parcel of Indonesia now for as long as they have, then where would we stop in terms of other Third World nations that are plagued with the same situations.
If a proclamation drove these states to secede, the capital would be surrounded and the war probably lost.
peninsula attached to Manitoba have threatened to secede and join Canada in order to get better access to walleyes, but in retaliation, Minnesota Gov.
In the July/August article "Newspaper Monopoly," we erroneously reported about a drive to have the San Fernando Valley secede from Los Angeles County.
In a historic ruling sure to ignite controversy, Canada's Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Quebec cannot secede without the federal government's consent.
Four slave states (the Border States) did not secede.
Mississippi became the second state to secede from the Union.
The Soviet Union's Baltic republics claim the right to secede in part because they were annexed in 1940 against the wishes of their citizens after more than two decades of independence.
The group is working on an initiative that will allow California to secede from the U.
The Union's victory set a precedent that states could not legally secede.