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secede from (something or some place)

To withdraw or split off from some nation, company, organization, or other established group as an separate and independent entity. The largely autonomous region has been seeking to secede from the country for years. The king wants to secede from the alliance with France. The band of developers formed their own studio after seceding from the software company last fall.
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secede from something

to withdraw from something. Which was the first state to secede from the Union? We do not want to secede from the organization, but we will if we must.
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Scotland in the United Kingdom and Quebec in Canada are also recent examples of Plebiscites which were to decide the fate of these states, where only those demanding to secede voted?
Editors Miller and Williams, frequent contributors on education and media topics themselves, have selected several dozen pieces from The Vermont Commons's archive to highlight in Most Likely to Secede. The compilation is a treasure trove of radical thought, and well worth acquiring for the exceptional reading list alone.
Sunday was the last day for Texas' petition to secede from the union to gather 25,000 digital signatures, the number needed to warrant a response from the White House.
Catalonia could move to secede in 2013, triggering eurozone breakup; Merkel, other negotiators walk fine line between angering borrowers or their creditors
Shooting broke out in the capital of Sudan's South Kordofan state Monday, the latest eruption of violence in the tense border region as the country's south prepares to secede, Reuters reported South Sudan is scheduled to become a separate country in less than five weeks, but the split has been complicated by unresolved issues like the exact position of the common border and oil revenue-sharing.
In December 1860, after Abraham Lincoln, an opponent of slavery from Illinois, was elected President, South Carolina became the first state to secede (withdraw) from the Union.
A team of 110 European Union observers continued preparations for the 9 January referendum on independence for Southern Sudan as the country's President, Omar al-Bashir, visited the potentially breakaway region to calm fears of instability should the South secede. During his rare visit, al-Bashir told Southerners he would welcome the result "even if you choose secession".
Al Baidh, who is exiled in Germany, has been calling for the south to secede from the north and end a unity deal in place since May 22, 1990.
So far, 64 of 220 Lutheran parishes that moved to secede couldn't muster the necessary votes.
Kiir's decision is seen as a signal that southern politicians have prioritized running the semi-autonomous south, which is widely expected to secede when it votes in an independence referendum next year.
Jackson's first great political challenge occurred in 1833, when South Carolina vowed to secede if the U.S.
A popular Republican who often ran unopposed at election time, Marchi was best known for trying to let Staten Island secede from New York City.
Operation Secede aims to reduce the number of thefts in Walsall by increasing awareness and targeting the people committing the offences.
Is he worried that Scotland and then Wales might secede from the UK and send no more Labour Party members to Parliament?