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Targeted end-uses include seating for lawn and garden equipment, agricultural vehicles, personal watercraft, mopeds, and other off-road vehicles.
No matter where they are used - nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or independent living centers - easy chairs and other lounge seating need to be designed and constructed to meet the requirements of an aging and frail population.
A higher level of seating care is going to become available because there is a change in how therapy services are being provided to nursing homes.
8-liter V6 engine, six-speed automatic transmission, ESC, ABS, rear spoiler, 17-inch alloy wheels and seating for seven.
Today, the most truly advanced lounge seating available for the elderly permits variability in seated angle and seat height and depth of cushion.
From bolsters to solid seat inserts, these offer quick, inexpensive means of adapting the traditional seating devices.
American Ergonomics Corporation is a California corporation engaged in the research and development, prototype manufacturing, patenting, and licensing of several lines of dynamic seating products for the transportation, industrial, office, and ergonomic seating markets.
12 - has reduced capacity from 100,089 to approximately 93,500 and forced the Bruins to revamp their seating plan.
Tickets are $15 for track seating and $12 for grandstand seating.
Seating for 26 in Business Premier is in a unique herringbone configuration, the first such time these seats and this configuration have been used in a 777.
Seating for 46 is available in the two front cabins on the 747's main deck and in the front half of the upper deck, and the herringbone-like seating configuration means direct aisle access for all passengers.
Global ePoint (NASDAQ: GEPT) announced today that its Aviation Division, AirWorks, has received an order from FinnAir to reconfigure the passenger seating of 6 MD-11's with in seat power systems (ISPS), also known as laptop power systems.
From there, the air travels up the back of the seat through a thermo-electric device which conditions or heats the air and sends it through the air distribution channels molded in the foam seating surface.
Simula is the premier supplier of crashworthy crew seating systems for military rotorcraft, having manufactured approximately 70% of all crew seats used in the world today.
Simula is the leading supplier of crashworthy seating systems for military rotorcraft, having manufactured approximately 70% of all such crew seats used in the world today.