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No matter where they are used - nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or independent living centers - easy chairs and other lounge seating need to be designed and constructed to meet the requirements of an aging and frail population.
BCA is a major developer of user-responsive active technology as it applies to seating, with one laboratory devoted entirely to seat pressure and comfort.
An optional Premium & Leather Package adds a power tilt/slide glass sunroof, leather seating surfaces, heated front seats and a 315-watt Infinity[TM] audio system with CD changer and backup warning system.
Today, the most truly advanced lounge seating available for the elderly permits variability in seated angle and seat height and depth of cushion.
B/E Aerospace is the leader in the aircraft seating market with over 50% of the market share.
The psychosocial benefits of therapeutic seating go beyond mere perception.
The 1995 Chrysler Cirrus and Dodge Stratus represent a seating first for Chrysler and Johnson Controls.
These are usually long tables, seating 10 or more, where solo diners, couples or threesomes may sit next to other diners who choose this way to partake of a meal.
The NHTSA survey also found that some of the most common and dangerous misuse errors were not securing the child with the safety seat harness; not securing the seat with the safety belt; using the vehicle's automatic belt system without regard to the vehicle manufacturer's instructions; and, placing a rear-facing seat in an airbag-equipped seating position.
Several car companies and seating manufacturers are presently testing the seat, which operates on the same principle as a porch glider - pendular motion.
12 - has reduced capacity from 100,089 to approximately 93,500 and forced the Bruins to revamp their seating plan.
In addition to being the largest child seating safety products manufacturer in the world, SafeGuard is also the first company to introduce lap-shoulder belts on school buses.