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A look at the white forms seated on the stone bench which ran round that ghastly board confirmed this view.
Anything more awe-inspiring than the spectacle of this long line of departed royalties (there were twenty-seven of them, the last being Ignosi's father), wrapped, each of them, in a shroud of ice-like spar, through which the features could be dimly discovered, and seated round that inhospitable board, with Death himself for a host, it is impossible to imagine.
A few rapid strides, and a little active clambering, soon brought me to the place where she was seated - a narrow ledge of rock at the very verge of the cliff, which descended with a steep, precipitous slant, quite down to the rocky shore.
said she at length, looking round upon me - for I was seated a little behind on a mossy projection of the cliff.
The younger gentleman lay fast asleep with his head pillowed on the lady's lap; the other was seated beside her with a pocket edition of some classic author in his hand.
The safest way to travel in a vehicle is seated in the car seat using a seat belt.
Can the child stay seated like this for the whole trip?
As its name implies, beyond just drawing the air away from the seated occupant, this system has two channels, one of which includes blowing cool air generated through the use of a thermal change insert (i.
You can't over-support patients in a seated posture and expect them to be very active.
The company's research is focused on methods to support the human body comfortably in seated posture and alleviate back pain.
26 crash in Glendale, said after experiencing the searing crash and seeing the devastating injuries among his fellow passengers, he now makes sure he always faces the rear of the train - especially when seated at a workstation.
Many aged adults in advanced years over an age of 80 have two or more pathological afflictions -- usually including arthritis -- and experience significant difficulty moving into and from seating, as well as increased discomfort while they are seated.