season with

season (something) with (something)

1. Literally, to improve or enhance the flavor of some food with salt, pepper, or another kind of seasoning or flavoring. A noun or pronoun can be used between "season" and "with." They season the meat with coarse sea salt, then grill it very quickly on either side. I like to season my sauces with paprika and a bit of cayenne.
2. By extension, to make something more interesting, dynamic, or lively by the addition of something else. Why they felt the need to season the original story with all these huge CGI action scenes is beyond me. You've packed a lot of great information into your presentation, but try to season it with some humor or interesting anecdotes. It's just a bit dry as it is.
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season something with something

to make something more flavorful with specific spices and herbs. I always season my stews with lots of freshly ground black pepper. The chili was seasoned with cumin and allspice, among other things.
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He finished the season with a goal at West Ham and with 24 appearances to his name.
Ended the season with three straight wins, and should be looking to improve further next season.
Huddersfield Town marked their 100th anniversary this season with a pounds 100 season ticket offer and had more than 16,000 takers.
The Colorado team predicted a "well above-average" hurricane season with 15 named Atlantic basin storms between June 1 and Nov.
Finish with butter and season with lemon juice and pepper.
If you can come into a new season with the ability to throw all of your pitches with good command, you can consider it a major step forward.
Derry City (manager: Kevin Mahon; last season: 5th) City favourite Hutton is back at the Brandywell after a season with Shels.
So, males may benefit from breeding in the season with plentiful supplies of the fruits that refresh them after a tough dawn battle of the bands.
"It's difficult when your friends leave, but such changes are to be expected every season," says Timothy Lynch, who begins his ninth season with the company this year.
The show has not officially been greenlit for a third season yet either, though, according to ( The Hollywood Reporter , creator Nic Pizzolatto has been working hard on a new season with new collaborator David Milch.
Season with salt and pepper, transfer to a squeeze bottle and set aside.
Generally occurs at the start of the season with prolonged workouts.
THE TOM AND SUSANA EVERT DANCE THEATRE will launch its fall season with Alma de la Tierra, a dreamlike collage rooted in Susana Evert's Mexican heritage.
"( Wayward Pines " recently wrapped up its second season with the majority of the human race sleeping in cryogenic pods.
* The Boston Ballet opens the season with an ambitious schedule: two world premieres September 28-October 8 at the Wang Theatre.