search your heart/soul/conscience

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search (one's) heart

To carefully consider or think about one's own emotions about or motivations for something. We're asking upper management to search their hearts and realize that this decision will negatively impact every employee in the company. I know you're hurt right now, but search your heart—you know that breaking up was the right thing to do.
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search your ˈheart/ˈsoul/ˈconscience

(formal) think carefully about your feelings or your reasons for doing something: If I searched my heart I’d probably find that I don’t always tell the truth. ▶ ˈheart-searching, ˈsoul-searching nouns: His divorce forced him to do a lot of soul-searching.
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It asks you to search your soul, your conscience, not your pockets.
The trick is that you can't use the same ideas every day, so you have to search your soul for what gives you gratitude and then write it down.
"You search your soul for the things that move you and stir your soul, make you who you are.
A bolt from the blue that forces you to search your soul and question your own judgment.
Search your heart, search your soul. And when you find me there, you'll search no more."
Search your heart, search your soul, and when you find me there, you'll search no more."
Take time to clear out the cobwebs of inadequacy or negative self-talk, be still with yourself for a while, and search your soul until you are able to discover your passion.
There's no doubt that every time a lawyer threatens your publication with legal action, or a legislator claims you've painted a rotten, inaccurate portrait of his town and people will lose their jobs and become homeless as a result, or an advertiser drops out because "you went too far," you swallow hard, search your soul and reflect on your role as a journalist.
You need to search your soul and ask yourself if you still love her.
Search your soul: The distinctive little black blemish which stretches downwards from the pupil on to the iris of Madeleine's right eye would be impossible for kidnappers to disguise.; Search: Holidaymakers tie yellow ribbons on railings near flat where Maddie was snatched; Support: Maddie's aunt Phil McCann meets SNP's Alex Salmond at Celtic game yesterday; Angst: Grandparents Brian and Susan Healey wait for news at their home in Liverpool; Wristband: Celt Paul Hartley