search your heart/soul/conscience

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search (one's) heart

To carefully consider or think about one's own emotions about or motivations for something. We're asking upper management to search their hearts and realize that this decision will negatively impact every employee in the company. I know you're hurt right now, but search your heart—you know that breaking up was the right thing to do.
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search your ˈheart/ˈsoul/ˈconscience

(formal) think carefully about your feelings or your reasons for doing something: If I searched my heart I’d probably find that I don’t always tell the truth. ▶ ˈheart-searching, ˈsoul-searching nouns: His divorce forced him to do a lot of soul-searching.
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Foote loved younger playwrights and helped them whenever he could, counseling them to "just search your heart and see what you really want to write about, and then write about it .
And I ask you to search your heart and ask yourself what sort of unfathomable hate led you to do what you are guilty and admit you are guilty of doing.
AQUARIUS: Search your heart to find the answers you want.
Search your heart for just one thing to be glad about.
Search your heart, search your soul, and when you find me there, you'll search no more.
In addition, seek spiritual counseling for yourself Search your heart, ask for divine intervention and guidance, and then do what is best for you.
To promote a healthy lifestyle, Mazola is a proud sponsor of the American Heart Association's Search Your Heart program, an educational outreach program for heart health, stroke prevention and healthy lifestyle habits.
I ask you to search your hearts and answer the question: ' What is the average length of tenure of an SP?
I encourage you to search your hearts to see how you have been called to help create a culture of life in our country.
Please search your hearts and minds, follow the dictates of your conscience, set my sisters free," she told them.
I personally challenge you to search your hearts and make a difference in this tragedy," added Dalton.
With all that said, I encourage each of you to search your hearts and if you're up to it, become a GAL.