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seamy side of life

Kend> Fig. the most unpleasant or roughest aspect of life. (A reference to the inside of a garment where the seams show.) Doctors in that area really see the seamy side of life. Mary saw the seamy side of life when she worked as a volunteer in the homeless shelter.
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seamy side

The sordid or base aspect of something, as in This nightclub certainly shows you the seamy side of the community. This term refers to the wrong side of a garment, revealing the stitched seams. Shakespeare used it figuratively in Othello (4:2): "That turn'd your wit the seamy side without."
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the ˈseamy side (of life, etc.)

the unpleasant, dishonest or immoral aspects (of life, etc.): It’s well known that the world of entertainment has its seamy side: drug abuse, corruption, alcoholism...
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95) is a picture whose reputation has grown over the years, with today's viewers seemingly more accepting of the sheer seaminess of the story and the nastiness of the leads--Burt Lancaster as ruthless gossip columnist J.
These tones, which have become a leitmotif for the seaminess pervading the film, accompany the old man, another profiteer in this prostitution, as he emerges from complete blackness into the narrow corridor, the same corridor of the carnage at the climax.
But he may have missed other, more earthy, forms of seaminess out in the crowd.
In his turbulent time, Sinatra packed more glamour, drama, affairs, heartbreak, slumps, comebacks, brawls, steaminess and seaminess than any man should be able to handle.
Though the underworld connections have faded into the background, the gaming industry fights a constant public relations battle against the seaminess that lingers in casinos.
and enjoy the seasonal festival of physical carnage, institutional derangement and moral seaminess.