seam with

seam (something) with (something)

1. To create a seam on something by joining two edges or pieces with a particular tool, material, method, etc. She seamed the sleeves of the frock with golden thread. I had to seam the material with cable ties until I could find a more permanent solution.
2. To create a line in, through, or around something with something in the manner of a seam. The kids seamed the carpet of white snow with their footprints as they trudged across the field. The sun seamed the clouds with sunlight, creating a radiant outline around them.
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seam something with something

to join the edges of something together with something. The worker seamed the two parts of the carpet with a special tool. She seamed the material with a strip of cloth to strengthen the seam.
See also: seam
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11 seam with additional coal quality results expected.
Stage 2: Perform enhanced dynamic programming algorithm in the adjacent area along the initial seam with the width of K, and obtain the final optimized seam, as shown in Fig.
Currently, Solar has five varieties: Standard Standing Seam, Standard Standing Seam with Insulators, "L" Type Standing Seam, Round Standing Seam, and Thin Standard Standing Seam.
The Company has intersected the Silkstone seam with eight of the rotary drill holes completed in the Vista development drilling program.
After you spread the adhesive, rub down the seam with a block of wood.
Mike, seeing #3 push to the flat and #2 working the seam with Sam covering him, must work to extend his coverage to any deep inside breaking pattern receiver (i.
Knock off a ridge of dried joint compound on a seam with a small taping blade and smooth the surface with one thin coat of easy-sand mud.
Apply the adhesive (Photo 4), then flatten the seam with a roller.
Most upscale button-down shirts feature a flat-fell seam at the side and shoulder seams to conceal all the raw edges and to produce a flat seam with exposed stitching on the shirt right side.
Position the binding over the neckline with right sides together, aligning the raw edges, basting stitches, and the binding seam with the dress center back; pin, and then stitch (6).