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The new Freudenberg Sealing Technologies development supports the trend to ever-larger wind turbines for the efficient and reliable production of clean energy.
If the water content of the used grease exceeded 1.00% compared with the original grease, the sealing was verified to be failed.
With the innovation, which is suited for all bearing and shaft diameters, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies will make reliable, robust sealing concepts possible to meet future requirements in wind power facilities.
Custom solutions provide effective sealing with strong resistance to abrasion, and they are widely used by HPLC system OEMs for long life in mobile phases, especially when buffer salts are present.
'Successful Sealing with Elastomers' - an interactive guide to diagnose and prevent seal failure, ESA Publication No.
These applications occur mainly in ethylene and propylene compressors, which are comparable to LNG sealing applications but are special with regard to low-sealing pressures in normal operating conditions.
This innovative design technology is ideally suited for reliably sealing high-temperature process fluids on rotating equipment.
Depending on application, sealing rubber should be strong, heat resistant, cold resistant, or resistant to chemical attack.
Founded in the early 1950s, Busak + Shamban supplies seals and sealing systems for a range of industries, including engines and mobile hydraulics.
Turbo-Seal is a permanent injectable waterproofing membrane pressure injected to the positive side of a structure or failed waterproofing layer, effectively sealing leaks at their source.
RF sealing equipment from 0.9 to 60 kw includes appropriate generator and press best suited to application, along with production tooling.
If the chalk line is broken, the V-pack may not be sealing correctly.
In any sealing application, correct O-ring selection depends on a number of design considerations, including dimensions, chemical compatibility and the ability to resist pressure and temperature extremes, in microminiature applications, the importance of the aforementioned considerations increases as the size of the O-ring decreases.
This system allows induction sealing for tamper-evidence, leak protection and freshness.