sealed up

(all) sealed up

1. Literally, closed, bound, and fastened completely with a seal. This door has to be sealed up so the prisoners don't escape. I used extra tape to make sure the package was all sealed up before I sent it in the mail.
2. Completely settled or finalized. I'm hoping the terms of the divorce will be all sealed up. I want this issue sealed up before the end of the day.
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seal up

To close something and bind the seals so it does not reopen. A noun or pronoun can be used between "seal" and "up." They're going to seal up the door leading into the cellar. Would you please seal this box up for me so I can get it in the mail?
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sealed up

1. Sealed shut (by some means). That old house has been sealed up for nearly 15 years. The box was sealed up with three different locks.
2. Completely finalized or definitively resolved. We're hoping to have this deal sealed up by the end of the week. The whole thing's sealed up—there's nothing more I can do.
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sealed (up)

mod. settled; secured; cinched. The matter was sealed by Monday morning.
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Tiamzon was also the one who sealed UP's 4-3 record with a service ace that no Lady Bulldog managed to counter.
"New houses are really sealed up tight, so interior air quality is very important" says Pruitt.
Sealed UPS batteries typically last five years and need to be recycled.