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Davis explains that until recently, packing technology was built around the Constanta-folded, stapled, nonheat sealable with a string and tag.
Manufacturers of tea packing machinery emphasize the greater flexibility of the new machines that use both heat sealable and non-heat sealable paper and can produce both string and tag and tagless bags.
Metalizing film is the number one source of income," acknowledges Higgins, and Bolmet sales are about evenly divided between heat sealable and non-heat sealable.
We carry the full range of custom heat sealable or regular (non-heat sealable) paper.
sealable food trays injected polypropylene for hot preparation 84,000 units
This consultation relates to the purchase of security paper and sealable pouches to secure the title notification of admission to the State Medical Assistance (EMA), in accordance with safety device defined by decree of 10 July 2009 ( OJ 28.
Approximately 500 grams of soil with larger rocks removed were taken from 10 to 20 centimetres below surface and placed in a sealable four mil plastic bag labelled with the sample site co-ordinates.
Now, Glad Press 'n Seal(TM) sealable wrap provides a whole new way to navigate through the food world.
Glad Press 'n Seal(TM) sealable wrap makes it simple to create a spill-proof seal as easy as 1) Pulling the wrap from the roll, 2) Placing it over the desired place; and 3) Pressing down on the wrap.
At home in the freezer, microwave and refrigerator, Glad Press 'n Seal(TM) sealable wrap locks in freshness while it braves the elements.
In addition to Glad Press 'n Seal(TM) sealable wrap, the Glad line up of products in the United States and Canada includes freezer, food storage and sandwich bags; food wraps; outdoor, indoor and recycling disposal bags; odor-fighting trash bags with odor shield technology; and GladWare containers and ovenware.
Ekco's smoothwall flanged containers are deep-drawn, hermetically sealable, leak-proof, and suitable for use with MAP or CAP applications.
Valeron UniDose Sampling Package Films are heat sealable and run on existing Form, Fill and Seal (FFS) machines.
Both LS films are co-extruded, biaxally oriented heat- set polypropylene film, with one sidebeing low temperature sealable.