seal of approval

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seal of approval

An indication of endorsement or authorization of something. The phrase does not typically refer to a physical seal. No, you can't start that construction project until the boss gives it his seal of approval.
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seal of approval

An endorsement of something or someone, as in Our candidate doesn't have the governor's seal of approval, or The new management gave the old refund policy their seal of approval. This idiom was used, and perhaps invented, as an advertising gimmick of Good Housekeeping Magazine, which gave its so-called "seal of approval" to products it endorsed; the products' packaging in turn bore a small emblem attesting to this endorsement. The noun seal here is used in the same sense as in set one's seal on.
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seal (or stamp) of approval

an indication or statement that something is accepted or regarded favourably.
This expression stems from the practice of putting a stamp (or formerly a seal) on official documents.
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a ˌseal of apˈproval

the formal support or approval of a person or an organization: Our project has the director’s seal of approval.
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The Seal of Approval Service Provider code of conduct requires certified service providers to uphold a high standard of accountability, responsibility and customer-oriented service.
There are 833 clubs nationwide with mini and youth sections, and 490 have Seal of Approval Accreditation.
Winger Tony Quinn, 15, who has been at the club four years, said: "There is a great atmosphere at the club and it is really good news about the seal of approval.
The Seal of Approval was awarded based on feedback from 250 independent, in-home testers.
Winning the gold Seal of Approval, signifying the highest amount of soil removal, are truck mount extractors from:
The Fixture Seal of Approval (FSA) program aims to provide objective, third-party certification for lighting fixtures that minimize glare and light trespass, and don't pollute the night sky.
Moseley have been given the seal of approval from the RFU for their work with the next generation of rugby players.
With this congressional seal of approval, it gives nanotechnology a high profile in the government," says Kristen Kulinowski, executive director of the Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology at Rice University in Houston.
The use of Internet seal of approval programs has been touted as an alternative to potential legislation concerning consumer-related online privacy practices.
Deptford Township Manager Joseph Picardi added the town's seal of approval to the renovation project.
The American Heart Association is initiating a national campaign involving their Seal of Approval.
For the ninth consecutive year, MorganFranklin Consulting has been awarded the Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval by the Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE), and the firm has also been named a winner of the Health & Wellness Seal of Approval for the second year in a row.