sea change

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sea change

A complete transformation. The transition from using desktop computers to mobile devices represents a sea change in data management within the field of information technology.
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sea change

Fig. a major change or transformation. This is not the time for a sea change in our manufacturing division. There are too many orders at the moment.
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a sea change

COMMON A sea change is a complete change in someone's attitudes or behaviour. There has been a sea change in attitudes to drink-driving, thanks to greater public awareness of the problem. Note: This phrase is taken from act 1 scene 2 of Shakespeare's play `The Tempest' (1611), which begins with a storm at sea and is a tale of magic and transformation: `Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made: Those are pearls that were his eyes: Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea-change Into something rich and strange.'
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sea change, a

A radical change, a transformation. Shakespeare coined this cliché in The Tempest (1.2): “Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea change Into something rich and strange.” Nearly four centuries later, J. A. Jance used it in Devil’s Claw (2000): “For the very first time . . . she had called her future son-in-law Butch instead of Frederick. It indicated a sea change in her mother’s attitude, and that was pretty damned wonderful, too.”
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According to tax documents, in 2010 and 2011 Sea Change gave more than $100 million to a number of energy advocacy groups - including some that oppose fracking and others that don't have a stance on the issue.
PCA must now have a game-changing plan with a paradigm shift to catalyze a sea change in the coconut industry.
Kenney points out concrete examples of the sea change in academia, the nonprofit world, contemporary politics, and other areas of life.
The Sea Change Investment Fund is a double-bottom line venture capital vehicle focused on stimulating the market for sustainable seafood.
Sea Change is a playful and powerful call to faith as a verb.
Father Paul Boudreau reviews the sea change Vatican II ushered in ("Midlife crisis?
PISCES February 19-March 20 You fishies need a sea change, especially since you'll be swimming in powerful circles by late October.
SIR ALEX FERGUSON believes many top players are unlikely to pursue a career in coaching and management - because they can afford to retire The MANCHESTER UNITED manager has witnessed at first hand a sea change in the game since the Premier League was formed with young players able to become financially set up for life.
ITEM: The Washington Post for January 16 compared Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" and George Bush's "Ownership Society" and said about changing Social Security funding: "This shift--from the New Deal to the Ownership Society--is a sea change in the way Americans view the relationship between themselves and the government, and between themselves and the rest of society.
Although now increasingly recognized by VC fund managers, this economic sea change initially caught the predominantly Western VC community unprepared, since US (and, to a lesser extent, Israeli) VCs have been traditionally oriented toward US institutions for fund raising, US financial markets and acquirers for fund liquidation, and US customers and revenues for value creation.
The next guy who goes outside the party who's solid will set off a sea change, and the parties, especially the party that loses this election, are running on borrowed time.
It is going to take a sea change to shift both the utilities and the coal industry into a new mind-set.
Any development of hotels that are catering to tourism and business is exactly what we want for Times square, where there has been a sea change for an area that was not know for its hospitality.
According to writer Molly Glentzer, Kent is part of a sea change, a more accepting climate for dancers having babies.