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1. slang Dirt, filth, or grime. I can't use this towel to clean the dishes? It's all covered in scuzz! Between the scuzz in the sink and the stench of cigarettes in the sheets, this has to be the most disgusting hotel room I've ever stayed in.
2. slang A dirty, nasty person. I got stuck next to a total scuzz on the train ride home. He smelled like rotten eggs! We were all scuzzes by the end of our camping trip.
3. slang By extension, a contemptible, despicable person; a scumbag. I don't trust a thing that scuzz says! What kind of a scuzz defrauds elderly clients out of their life savings?

scuzz out

To disgust, repulse, or nauseate someone; to gross someone out. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scuzz" and "out." The price was right for the budget motel, but the room they gave me totally scuzzed me out. I feel like these gory movies are aiming more to scuzz out the audience than to scare them.
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scuzz up

1. slang To make something dirty, grimy, or filthy. In each usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "scuzz" and "up." The kids and the dogs scuzzed my new rug up almost immediately. We've scuzzed up our planet so badly at this point that I don't know if we can repair the damage that's been done.
2. slang To make someone or something more coarse, unrefined, or unpolished in style, appearance, or manner. The grunge band performed a cover of Elvis's "Blue Suede Shoes," but they scuzzed it up almost beyond recognition. I hate the way people these days scuzz up our beautiful language on social media and the like.
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scuzz someone out

Sl. to nauseate someone. He had this unreal face that almost scuzzed me out! It's not nice to scuzz out people like that, especially when you hardly know them.
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1. n. filth. What is this scuzz all over the floor?
2. n. a nasty person; an undesirable person; a scraggly person. And this scuzz comes up to me and asks me to dance, and I’m like, “What?”
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