scuzz out

To disgust, repulse, or nauseate someone; to gross someone out. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scuzz" and "out." The price was right for the budget motel, but the room they gave me totally scuzzed me out. I feel like these gory movies are aiming more to scuzz out the audience than to scare them.
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scuzz up

1. slang To make something dirty, grimy, or filthy. In each usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "scuzz" and "up." The kids and the dogs scuzzed my new rug up almost immediately. We've scuzzed up our planet so badly at this point that I don't know if we can repair the damage that's been done.
2. slang To make someone or something more coarse, unrefined, or unpolished in style, appearance, or manner. The grunge band performed a cover of Elvis's "Blue Suede Shoes," but they scuzzed it up almost beyond recognition. I hate the way people these days scuzz up our beautiful language on social media and the like.
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scuzzed out

slang Disgusted, repelled, or nauseated. We were so scuzzed out when they showed us our motel room that we got right back in the car and kept on driving. The so-called horror movie was nothing but gore and violence, leaving me feeling more scuzzed out than horrified.
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scuzzed up

1. slang Especially dirty, grimy, or filthy. Between the kids and the dogs, my lovely new rug got scuzzed up almost immediately. The planet is so scuzzed up at this point that I don't know if we can repair the damage that's been done.
2. slang Intentionally coarse, unrefined, or unpolished, as in style, appearance, or manner. I love the scuzzed-up sound of this grunge band's latest album. The language you see on social media is so scuzzed up with slang and garbled abbreviations that I can barely understand what people are writing.
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scuzz someone out

Sl. to nauseate someone. He had this unreal face that almost scuzzed me out! It's not nice to scuzz out people like that, especially when you hardly know them.
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They've heard what they do, scuzzed it up in their own unique way and given it a Northern Irish spin.
Perhaps it's not traditional skate-rock (in the not-every-song-is-about-skating-and-beer sense), but Max the drummer shreds, and that's good enough for me, It's two dudes from Dirty Fences playing catchy, stripped down and slightly scuzzed out rock-n-roll...
McFly are amped up, fired up, scuzzed up and as at home on the stage as they are on bedroom walls.
They look kinda like Jet and sound kinda like a scuzzed up Coral and they're ace.
Music is scuzzed up,fuzzed up, scarred and unlikely to get into any high-class restaurants.
They've heard what scuzzed it up in their oand given it a Northerexample, the openi their new album is Lurgan.
It's lo-fl and scuzzed out, with the anger tempered by endearingly simple guitar solos that are thrown in here and there.