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scuzz someone out

Sl. to nauseate someone. He had this unreal face that almost scuzzed me out! It's not nice to scuzz out people like that, especially when you hardly know them.
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1. n. filth. What is this scuzz all over the floor?
2. n. a nasty person; an undesirable person; a scraggly person. And this scuzz comes up to me and asks me to dance, and I’m like, “What?”

scuzz someone out

tv. to nauseate someone. It’s not nice to scuzz out people like that, especially when you hardly know them.
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But watch what Rodefer has done: "plaine d'escuz" ("full of ecus") is the basis for Rodefer's "plain scuzz.
In the end, though, Channing gets a chance to ride Stripes in the Kentucky Open--with a little help from Tucker and a couple of smart-alecky horseflies named Buzz (Steve Harvey) and Scuzz (David Spade).
Happily Lost' is pure indie scuzz and is followed by an off kilter mash of rock, jazz and funk called 'I Know What You're Looking For'.
Hawkline stands between scuzz and folk with his morose half-baritone.
HEY ALASKA, whose debut video launched last week on the Scuzz TV channel, will be kicking things off before LIFELESS bring their "ideal soundtrack to a circle-pit" (Kerrang) to the stage after providing one of the highlights of 2009's event on the Homegrown stage.
Black Lips @ The Globe, Cardiff (today) RAUCOUS Atlanta 'flower punks' scuzz up their garage rock chops to promote new album 200 Million Thousand.
This time around we've got San Diego scuzz rocker Wavves' "Friends Were Gone" on the A-side, and San Francisco beach wizards Windsurf doing "Vapor Trails" on the flip.
Despite the racket, the scuzz and missing the target dress code, the lack of pretension and genuine buzz mean this nuts 'n bolts Paisley rock shop has plenty to crow about Crow Bar15 Shuttle Street Paisley
And you cannot get through any festival without rumours of random things happening - 'Don't go to the Main Stage tonight because The Beatles are going to be playing a secret gig at the Radio Scuzz Unsigned Teepee at midnight.
And, to keep the boys happy, there's much lowbrow knockabout and poop jokes from a double act of CGI horseflies, Buzz and Scuzz (voiced by Steve Harvey and David Spade), who also get to perform bursts of Walk This Way and, Ebony And Ivory; arguably preferable to hearing Bryan Adams doing the inspirational bit with the all too depressingly titled It Ain't Over Yet, or Sting's dreary end credits number.
MEANWHILE Ms Dynamite nearly missed her pounds 24,000 two-song show at Sky TV's launch of three music channels Scuzz, The Amp and Flaunt because she was in Selfridges shopping for furniture.
30pm Fickle Friends: Feb 28, 7pm Hacktivist: Feb 26, 7pm Scuzz TV Presents: UK Throwdown 2016 Feat.
First, Irma Vep - the solo work of Sex Hands guitarist Edwin Stevens - was a mix of elongated, drawn out drones and countrified Velvet Underground scuzz.
Setting the tone HOTLY tipped prog metallers TesseracT are set to roll into Yorkshire on the Scuzz TV backed Lowering The Tone tour.
Hence the singing horseflies, Buzz (Steve Harvey) and Scuzz (David Spade), who perform MC Hammer and Paul McCartney songs between the one-liners.