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scuzz someone out

Sl. to nauseate someone. He had this unreal face that almost scuzzed me out! It's not nice to scuzz out people like that, especially when you hardly know them.
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1. n. filth. What is this scuzz all over the floor?
2. n. a nasty person; an undesirable person; a scraggly person. And this scuzz comes up to me and asks me to dance, and I’m like, “What?”

scuzz someone out

tv. to nauseate someone. It’s not nice to scuzz out people like that, especially when you hardly know them.
See also: out, scuzz
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Black Lips @ The Globe, Cardiff (today) RAUCOUS Atlanta 'flower punks' scuzz up their garage rock chops to promote new album 200 Million Thousand.
You know what I mean-- a big, silken cock and balls, plain scuzz, huge and smelling good.
If you want to get out and about then you can catch Martha Wainwright's mate Kimmie Rhodes at Aberdare's Coliseum (Thursday), get some influential scuzz rock from grunge precursors The Melvins at Cardiff Barfly (Wednesday) or check out Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff for Wilco-side project The Autumn Defense (Sunday), The Jeffrey Lewis Band (Wednesday) and The Anomalies (Thursday).
The Grownup Noise plays with I Hate Zen, The Foundation and The Bohemian Scuzz Buckets at 9 tonight at The Q Coffeehouse, 362 Chandler St.
The quartet - Mart guitar/vocals, Tom drums, Mick guitar/vocals and Mike bass - have already been tipped for great things in 2007 by Rock Sound and Metal Hammer magazines (the single rated an eightout- of-10 review in the latter) and Scuzz TV.
A seat on the second deck of this open-air bus provides a perspective on the city that residents and visitors alike rarely get -- the architectural flourishes of the Broadway theater district, for example, without the scuzz of street level, and Hollywood Boulevard at eye level with the flashy marquees.
Jon Spencer, who now fronts the Jori Spencer Blues Explosion, dropped out of Brown University in the early '80s, formed the band Pussy Galore in 1985, and eventually insinuated himself into the gentrified scuzz of New York City's East Village.
It was Harvey who led the coup de scuzz pile and ran Finley, Kumble into bankruptcy.
Stripes makes some friends down at the track as well, most notably the manic horsefly duo Buzz (voiced by Steve Harvey) and Scuzz (voiced by David Spade), whose love of song and dance is eclipsed only by their love of hot dogs and horse poop.
Breath Bleed Grow gained strong support from Scuzz and Kerrang TV, XFM and Kerrang Radio, followed by further live dates with Burn The Fleet and an appearance at Takedown Festival.
Hawkline stands between scuzz and folk with his morose half-baritone.
FilmOn currently carries more than 40 channels of live content including KOEC (PBS), KTLA (The CW), WPIX (The CW), Ion Life, 4 Music, Scuzz, Flaunt, Rai Sport, Dubai Sports, Viva, Russia Today, BBC News, TVE Spain, Clubland TV, and Al Jazeera.
HEY ALASKA, whose debut video launched last week on the Scuzz TV channel, will be kicking things off before LIFELESS bring their "ideal soundtrack to a circle-pit" (Kerrang) to the stage after providing one of the highlights of 2009's event on the Homegrown stage.
and Scuzz music channels, as well as being played on Radio 1.
This time around we've got San Diego scuzz rocker Wavves' "Friends Were Gone" on the A-side, and San Francisco beach wizards Windsurf doing "Vapor Trails" on the flip.