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scuttle across (something)

To scamper or scurry across something very quickly. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw a cockroach scuttling across the table. We scuttled across the road as soon as there was a break in traffic.
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scuttle away

To depart or flee with short, hurried movements. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I lifted up the basket and saw a cockroach scuttle away. The mice all scuttled away as soon as I turned on the lights.
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scuttle across something

to hurry across something. (Said especially of a small animal.) A tiny mouse scuttled across the kitchen floor and startled me. A rabbit scuttled across my path.
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scuttle away

[for a small animal] to run away. The otters scuttled away as we approached. A skunk scuttled away quickly—thank heavens.
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Member for Bundaberg Leanne Donaldson said the scuttling of the ex-HMAS Tobruk was a $10.
13) The local press reported only a small percentage of the cases heard in the Manchester and Salford police courts, and press reports may have exaggerated the extent to which scuttling was a new phenomenon in the early 1870s.
Thirdly, I aim to explore the nature of scuttling confrontations and the meanings attached to gang violence by the participants.
The book contains no reference to the role played by the GOP leadership in scuttling Franks's plans.
The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research said in an announcement that the vessel was cleaned and prepared for scuttling according to the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution.
The scuttling of the Kyrenia, will take place at 11am on Saturday in the presence of Defence Minister Christoforos Fokaides and Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis.
dozens of yellow-and-black insects swarm in out of nowhere, scuttling all over the food, falling into the drinks, buzzing peevishly about people's heads.