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scuttle across (something)

To scamper or scurry across something very quickly. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw a cockroach scuttling across the table. We scuttled across the road as soon as there was a break in traffic.
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scuttle away

To depart or flee with short, hurried movements. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I lifted up the basket and saw a cockroach scuttle away. The mice all scuttled away as soon as I turned on the lights.
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scuttle across something

to hurry across something. (Said especially of a small animal.) A tiny mouse scuttled across the kitchen floor and startled me. A rabbit scuttled across my path.
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scuttle away

[for a small animal] to run away. The otters scuttled away as we approached. A skunk scuttled away quickly—thank heavens.
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The ships were scuttled by the legendary Vice Admiral's crew in 1596 after the English captain was buried at sea following his death at the age of 55 from dysentery.
The chief minister said the conspiracy of killing outsiders in the financial hub of the country be scuttled at the earliest, otherwise it will cause enormous damage.
Seventy-four ships were scuttled by the German Navy at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands in June 1919 to stop them falling into British hands.
Employee Katherine Wright reflected in a pair of binoculars, which make up part of a collection of lots from German battleships sunk after the First World War sold at auction Picture, DANNY LAWSON, Press Association; Ships scuttled by the German Navy at Scapa Flow
He was diving on Britain's first artificial reef, the decommissioned Royal Navy warship HMS Scylla, which was scuttled with explosives in Whits and Bay, east Cornwall in 2004.
In your February edition, an article by Roy Malone stated: "Last year she (Emily Pulitzer) scuttled a redesign plan that would have watered down the Post's editorials by inserting guest editorials with opposing views, as is done in USA Today.
liberty ship Richard Montgomery, scuttled in the Thames during World War II, might release and detonate its payload of TNT in the next 20 years.
Last year, many were upset when plans to build a satellite campus in Boise, known as University Place, were scuttled.
South Korea's first free-trade deal was signed with Chile more than a year ago, but the farmers' allies in the parliament have repeatedly scuttled its ratification.
It was scuttled off Uruguay in the early days of World War II to avoid being sunk by a British armada.
One book, Looking at Idols, 1984, would have gathered interviews among friends like Martin Kippenberger and Jiri Georg Dokoupil but was scuttled because they "couldn't find any suitable photo-material.
While Monti has scuttled some prominent mergers inside the EU as well, on the Continent he's perhaps best known for his hard line against government subsidies to businesses and for his opposition to state use of "golden shares" held in privatized companies to block their takeover by foreign bidders.
CAN A SCUTTLED SWAN SONG such as Jack Welch's failed bid for Honeywell hobble the legacy of his 41-year career?
plan to ship millions of tonnes of Toronto garbage to the abandoned mine near Kirkland Lake was scuttled last year by public protest The Keele Valley dump in Vaughan was originally slated to close in 2002.
In it Kluger observes that "the first Amistad, like many boats of the era, was intended to sail for no more than 10 years before being scuttled for scrap.