scuttle across

scuttle across something

to hurry across something. (Said especially of a small animal.) A tiny mouse scuttled across the kitchen floor and startled me. A rabbit scuttled across my path.
See also: across, scuttle
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Whether it is their speed as they scuttle across the floor, their furry legs or just the thought of being crawled over, spiders can strike fear into our hearts like few other things.
When I went back into the living room, I saw something scuttle across the floor.
Sometimes you will cripple a bird, and that means dispatching a retriever to crawl through the chest-high cattails or scuttle across a stubble field.
It's that time of year when spiders start to scuttle across our carpets.
Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a drink in the atmospheric George Pub before strolling down to the town's pier for an ice cream and to watch the clouds scuttle across the mountains.
The findings suggest that these transitional creatures learned to scuttle across the floors of ancient seas before they took to land and developed more complex limbs with digits, biologist Heather King and colleagues at the University of Chicago suggest online December 12 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
I go back to poor Christine Hemming, her hands-and-knees scuttle across the floor captured by an unforgiving CCTV.
Wymering Manor has been said to house a ghostly choir of nuns who scuttle across the hall, and a host of unseen hands, which reach out to touch those passing by.
Character Group said Go Go Pets, a range of toy hamsters that squeak and scuttle across the floor, had become an "overnight success" in the UK and US this year.
Since insects or crustaceans are not known for qualities such as empathy, you can imagine that if they came down from the walls, they might scuttle across the floor and devour you.
Took me an hour to scuttle across to where I could knock the telephone off the table with my cane.
Wing Simon Webster appeared to have Williams in his gripbut couldn't hold on and allowed the full-back to regain his poise and scuttle across under the bar.
On the riverbank, pelicans adorn shady trees, herons stalk amongst the reeds, and bright red crabs scuttle across muddy flats between green shoots of young mangrove trees.
But Mr Ford said: "When I looked at the ages of the children I thought kinetically powered creatures that scuttle across the floor might be more popular.