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scuttle across (something)

To scamper or scurry across something very quickly. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw a cockroach scuttling across the table. We scuttled across the road as soon as there was a break in traffic.
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scuttle away

To depart or flee with short, hurried movements. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I lifted up the basket and saw a cockroach scuttle away. The mice all scuttled away as soon as I turned on the lights.
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scuttle across something

to hurry across something. (Said especially of a small animal.) A tiny mouse scuttled across the kitchen floor and startled me. A rabbit scuttled across my path.
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scuttle away

[for a small animal] to run away. The otters scuttled away as we approached. A skunk scuttled away quickly—thank heavens.
See also: away, scuttle
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Hammond then picked the coal scuttle and swung it hitting another man on the forehead causing a wound.
In a statement, Paulson claimed that there was no legal basis for Bank of America Corp to scuttle the deal.
Saying they are trying to scuttle the talks is talking it a bit far.
A lightening-fast system implementation was essential to minimize the enormous pressure to scuttle the controversial project.
Although they were unable to scuttle the provision when it went through Congress, providers were able to obtain an effective date that allows for a congressional revisit long before implementation.
These scaly climbers can scuttle nimbly across a polished glass ceiling.
To scuttle a vessel is to open holes in its hull so that it will take on water and sink.
73-54, such payments will scuttle a "B" reorganization, especially when the cash payments are made directly to the Target shareholders.
And indifference can scuttle a Ql team's work much faster than resistance can.
The Palaszczuk Government will lodge a formal bid with the Department of Defence to scuttle the ex-HMAS Tobruk off the Queensland coast as a dive site.
THE hat and glasses worn by Benny Hill as his character Fred Scuttle are to be sold at auction.
Summary: Without naming Congress party's general secretary Rahul Gandhi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi accused the central leadership of attempting to scuttle the proposed Tata's Nano car project from the State.
Chamber of Commerce and League of Women Voters to scuttle term limits so ludicrous.