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scut bucket

1. slang A receptacle in which the supplies needed for routine, tedious medical procedures are carried. The first thing you'll want to get when you start doing rounds is a scut bucket to carry things like sutures, IV lines, gauze, and so on.
2. vulgar slang A low, contemptible, sexually promiscuous person, especially a woman. It's all that scut bucket's fault for breaking up my marriage! Just because she's had a couple of boyfriends in a short span of time doesn't make her some kind of scut bucket.
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scut work

Tedious, routine work, especially that which is menial or objectionable. Medical interns always have to do the scut work around the hospital—it's just one of the steps toward becoming a doctor. I worked the whole summer as a laborer for the construction company my friend's father owned, so I got used to all manner of scut work.
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n. a despicable person. (Teens and collegiate.) It’s scuts like that who give all us really rad kids a bad name.
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In addition to making information about internships available online to bolster recruiting, the company is strengthening its programs so that interns do less scut work and have more opportunities to write page one stories and to understand how a newspaper operates.
Much of their time is consumed with "scut" work--drawing blood, chasing down X-rays, moving patients around the hospital, and other grunt work.
Though such research would require a lot of what Freed calls "genetic scut work," the findings could enable scientists to use captive-breeding programs to produce generations of dis- ease-resistant birds, which eventually could be reintroduced into the wild.
Indeed, notes Steve Bromberg of EPA, assembling an emission inventory "is still really more of an art than a science." Ironically, most firms consider the inventories "scut work" for junior engineers, notes Jim Price of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission in Austin.
Mothers wistfully admired their husbands' ability to romp freely with kids, a spontaneity Hays attributes to their willful rejection of parental scut work.
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"Scut," as residents refer to these labors, is a time-honored residency tradition that saves hospitals and attending physicians millions of dollars a year.
Most fellows perform a substantial share of the scut work of modern medicine, for example, by taking night and weekend call on a regular basis.
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