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scurry along

To scarper, scamper, or bound onward or over the length of something very quickly. Often used as an imperative, sometimes sarcastically or condescendingly. I let the dogs off their leashes so they could just scurry along on their own. The kids scurried along the path to see who could get back home the fastest. Why don't you just scurry along and stop bothering me, eh?
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scurry away

To scarper, scamper, or bound away very quickly. The dogs all scurried away the moment I took them off their leashes. I turned on the light and saw hundreds of cockroaches scurrying away into the corners of the filthy room. Why don't you kids just scurry away and stop bothering me, OK?
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scurry along

to run or scamper along fast. The children scurried along, trotting to school. We scurried along the trail, keeping watch out for things that might trip us up.
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He said Scurry told Mr Cossio he should not use it but he took it without permission and the defendant "lost his temper".
"Scurry' by sculptor Dan Gough, inaugural winner of the Gillian Dickinson North East Young Sculptor of the Year
Mr Criddle said Scurry had nearly seven grams of benzocaine, caffeine and phenacetin and six grams of paracetamol - commonly used for cutting drugs.
“Despite the current market conditions, there are other choices besides being unemployed or in a job you don't like that doesn't connect to your career goals,” says Ebony Tara Scurry. “I help people make more money and have more freedom with a career that matches their own definition of success.
Scurry followed with a layup before Lee came up big, sandwiching two free throws and a 3-pointer around two foul shots by Cimino to up the lead to 62-54.
"The scurry driving classes at the festival will be run under the rules of the Scurry Driving Association.
While not his favourite pastime - Chris can often be found driving his coach and horses across the region - he firmly believes that the scurry racing is one of the highlights of the annual event.
Pamela Scurry at Home Home furnishings, home textiles, home
Chris won the emphatic approval of the crowd and judges in pounding out a pulsating five round rematch decision against Craig Scurry.
NEW YORK-Retailer and designer Pamela Scurry, a darling of the shelter magazines, introduced her first home textiles collection with Mohawk Home.
Species in the genus Dipodomys, nocturnal rodents that scurry through North America's deserts, have epitomized toughness in punishing climates, says Randall Tracy of the University of Connecticut in Storrs.
Employee trauma, lingering health concerns and a seriously hobbled transportation system sent companies scurrying or trying to scurry from the area.
"Our country wants to believe it's safe, but the truth is it's hard to fight mice--people who scurry, hide, and live in shadows.
The two mice (Sniff and Scurry) and the two little people (Hem and Haw) represent the simple and complex parts of ourselves, particularly as we respond to change.
As the year draws to a close, many of us scurry about searching for ways to celebrate the season.