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and stuff and hi"Thanks to the scumbags who decided to smash into my car and rob posters and various other stuff.
That's right - a scumbag is trying to deflect from the real argument by saying: "Hey, come on, we all do tax avoidance.
STAGE TWO stops the Scumbags claiming benefits so they have no disposable income.
The girl, who did not wish to be named, wrote: 'My grandad no longer felt safe in his home and was too proud a man to move out and I do believe that if it wasn't for these scumbags my grandad would still be alive today
The 50-year-old said she curled up in a ball to protect her head as she "didn't want some scumbag taking my car".
I'm hoping maybe letting people know will make it harder for them to sell on, or at least warn other people of these vile scumbags living among us.
Steve Johnstone wrote on Facebook: "What evil scumbags.
They are scumbags and we need to get them off the streets.
One always wonders why we in this country are so lenient with these scumbags.
So well done for exposing these criminals for the scumbags that they really are.
Then I read in Brought to Justice ("justice", what a joke that is) scumbags that shoplift, rob and commit criminal damage get community service orders (another joke) and are issued with pounds 60 fines.
Yes, slimy little scumbags always existed - but what we have now is a complete disrespect for society from a whole generation.
There is always about five or six scumbags inside the car cruising around.
What the hell do we want to protect those two scumbags for?
Thanks to our sponsors Activision and Boost Mobile, as well as Scandinavian rock gods Turbonegro, Eagles of Death Metal, Tony Trujillo's band USSR (United Scumbags of Santa Rosa), and DJ Ted Shred (who un-coincidentally DJ'd the party in '91).