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the scum of the earth

The absolute worst kind of person or people. The phrase comes from the Bible. The people who carried out those atrocities are the scum of the earth.
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the ˌscum of the ˈearth

(informal) a person or a group of people thought to be worthless, evil or completely without good qualities: Drug dealers are the scum of the earth. OPPOSITE: the salt of the earth
Scum is a layer of dirt on the surface of water.
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bathtub scum

n. a totally despised person. (see also pond scum, shower scum. Also a term of address.) Look out, bathtub scum, outa my way!
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pond scum

n. a mean and wretched person; a worthless male. (Collegiate. An elaboration of scum, less crude than scumbag. Also a rude term of address.) Get your hands off me, you pond scum!
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1. n. a totally worthless and disgusting person. (Rude and derogatory.) You scum! Get out of here!
2. n. low-life in general; disgusting and worthless people. (Rude and derogatory.) Fourth Street is where all the scum in town hangs out.
3. n. semen; seminal fluid. (Usually objectionable.) You’d better clean up the scum from the backseat before you take the car home.

shower scum

n. a despised person; despised people. (see also bathtub scum, pond scum.) Who is the shower scum who put a cigarette butt in my houseplant?
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The experimental units were full-scale two-compartment septic tanks in which sludge depth and scum thickness were measured within the inlet (Clark, 1999).
The 2003 publication of the first Swedish translation of the SCUM Manifesto suggests a continued interest in this text, while the resulting media furore when sections of it were (mis)quoted in a television interview about gender relations in May 2005 suggests the text retains its original power to cause debate.
His forecast is optimistic because of the sell-throughs on Black & Decker's Scum Busters last year.
Soap scum plagues every bathroom and has always required a lot of time and elbow grease to remove it," said Kirsten Nordstrom, Brand Manager for Kaboom.
Our selection of the best of your messages to our Twitter and Facebook sites Thieves steal Christmas cash from elderly couple Absolute scum.
Project Description: The Helical Scum Skimmer system is original plant equipment that has seen an increased amount of
The crude image, including a slogan saying they had to scum for over 70 years" The crude image, including a slogan saying they had been "providing s*** to scum for over 70 years" went viral on Twitter.
Hope the driver is OK and that the scum is caught Dawn PoshBird Crossley My guess is the food was worth the 6 to 8 year prison sentence.
RIP hun x LEE RIGBY'S KILLERS JAILED Amir Qureshi If these scum bags were living in Saudi Arabia then believe me they would have got their hands chopped off.
This is a sign of the times, scum who don''t give a monkeys about other people helping the community by running these types of clubs.
Once a scum bag, always a scum bag," the Mirror quoted one user as tweeting.
Ray Winstone Image: Vocal tough guy Best known for: Scum and Sexy Beast Early life: Born Raymond Andrew Winstone on February 19, 1957, in Hackney, east London, but moved with his family to Enfield when he was seven.
The despicable cowardly scum who prey on the weak and vulnerable are now facing a murder charge and what they did was beyond contempt.
The scum have stolen a box of poppies from Sainsbury's in Silksworth Lane, Sunderland.
Once again the British are proving themselves to be the scum of Europe by their habit of being unable to handle their drink.