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scuffle with (one)

To enter into a rough, disorderly fight or altercation with one. The bouncer threw him out for scuffling with other patrons of the bar. I scuffled with him for a bit over the money, but he managed to overpower me.
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scuffle with someone

to struggle or have a fight with someone. The two prisoners scuffled with each other a little till a guard came along and saw them. The cowboys scuffled with the deputies when they came out of the saloon.
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Walk into Scufflers and there's a choice of traditional tables and compact half-moon tables against the wall with high stools.
Included were 22 plow models, 18 varieties of ensilage and straw cutters, six roll grain crushers and grinders, 25 different "Rapid Easy" plate grinders, baggers, four saw frames, five horsepowers, eight farm and garden wheelbarrows (large and small wheels), scufflers, turnip drills, several sizes of pulverizes, four gang plows, three sulky plows, both single and two furrow, reapers like the Meadow Lark model used in North America and Europe, and a number of rakes and binders.
Do not expect a feast of flowing football, as these teams are essentially scufflers and scrappers, but Aldo will want his players to fizz from the first whistle and Tranmere can lead at the break before registering a 2-0 win.
Like all of Richard Money's men, he'll have taken great pride from a Cup run which saw the League Two scufflers hold England's most famous club to a draw first time around and earn their club the substantial sum of PS2million.
They will get their moves, to Premier League survivors, Championship scufflers, and assorted foreign climes.
Cool, elegant and sophisticated - or balding little scufflers happy to sweat blood for the cause without a moment's thought of personal glory?
No less than 299 tractors of many makes and models dropped their plows, harrows and other assorted scufflers into the ground and made a sweep around a large field.
In truth, the sides looked what they are - Championship scufflers low on confidence and quality.
It was the only Premier League fixture, an indignity usually reserved for relegation scufflers turfed out of the FA Cup with indecent haste The demonstrations continued outside the ground afterwards.
Leo Roget put in a header that the big American grabbed down low while Glynn Hurst went close from 25 yards as the honest scufflers took a grip.
The scufflers of the Premier League are not sprinkled with stardust, or sugar coated with celebrity.
If Gregory won the style wars for Hugo Boss, he was betrayed by a side who could not raise themselves above the level of scufflers for anything but fleeting moments.
The Shepherds Bush choral society cruelly was equally terse, serenading Adams' doomed scufflers with: "We're going to Liverpool, you're going to Hartlepool."
He had prepared for a battle by leaving out Jermaine Pennant and going back to the scufflers he felt he could rely on.
An out-of-his-depth Dublin and a trio of midfield scufflers in Batty, Butt and Lee was all Hoddle could come up with as Owen's back-up.