scuffle with

scuffle with (one)

To enter into a rough, disorderly fight or altercation with one. The bouncer threw him out for scuffling with other patrons of the bar. I scuffled with him for a bit over the money, but he managed to overpower me.
See also: scuffle

scuffle with someone

to struggle or have a fight with someone. The two prisoners scuffled with each other a little till a guard came along and saw them. The cowboys scuffled with the deputies when they came out of the saloon.
See also: scuffle
References in classic literature ?
All of a sudden Robbers rushed upon them from their hiding-places, and in the scuffle with their owners, wounded with a sword the Mule carrying the treasure, which they greedily seized while taking no notice of the grain.
In the meantime, we had no idea what to do to help the captain, nor any other thought but that he had got his death-hurt in the scuffle with the stranger.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) on Monday categorically denied that the young man behind scuffle with PTI MNA Hamidul Haq was prime minister's son.
PESHAWAR -- A labourer was injured after the traffic police personnel allegedlyopened fire during a scuffle with traders over wrong parking in Hashtnagri area here on Thursday.
Summary: Bandipora (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Nov 28 (ANI): A Border Security Force (BSF) soldier died after allegedly getting shot during a scuffle with his colleagues in Jammu and Kashmir's Bandipora.
UKIP leadership hopeful Steven Woolfe said medical experts have backed his claim that he was punched in a scuffle with fellow MEP Mike Hookem.
He further said that one of his friends Adnan called him on May 5, 2016 to have game of snooker in G-12 where he had scuffle with him during the game.
LAHORE -- Police in Lahore on Tuesday engaged in a scuffle with blind protesters, thwarting their attempt to enter an ongoing Punjab Assembly session to record a protest.
LAHORE -- A man suspected of murdering a minor boy was killed on Monday when he was hit by a single bullet during a scuffle with the police.
Haifa -- PNN - Two Israeli soldiers were reported injured on Friday in the coastal city of Haifa in northern Israel after a scuffle with Palestinian youth.
SCUFFLE However, under crossexamination by prosecuting QC Gordon Kerr, Valliday accepted he remembered everything up until he had "legged it" after the scuffle with Mr McGreevy and later seeing the two men.
Janet Benvie, a British activist with Christian Peacemaker Teams, sustained a scratch to her lip after a scuffle with a settler who had grabbed a camera.
The precise details are murky, but one onlooker said: 'Christina hurt her arm after a scuffle with a drunk fan at a nightclub.