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scuffle with (one)

To enter into a rough, disorderly fight or altercation with one. The bouncer threw him out for scuffling with other patrons of the bar. I scuffled with him for a bit over the money, but he managed to overpower me.
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scuffle with someone

to struggle or have a fight with someone. The two prisoners scuffled with each other a little till a guard came along and saw them. The cowboys scuffled with the deputies when they came out of the saloon.
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After the scuffle, the accused, while sitting in his home, mistook crackers burst by the boys as shots being fired towards his home.
The scuffle caused damages inside the casualty while emergency serviced suspended for hours due to disturbance.
At the end of the video, the lawyer involved in the scuffle can be heard passing comments about taking it outside".
Describing the passenger as "aggressive", the authorities said the scuffle broke out on the KLM Airbus A330-200 over German airspace.
Rain or Shine held an 84-79 lead more than 20 seconds prior to the scuffle and Tiu, who was initially told to get to the nearest hospital after getting elbowed in the face, sank a three-pointer that gave the Elasto Painters a 92-83 lead.
After the male passengers who attacked others standing in the queue, reportedly because of the negligence and delayed action of the Airport Security Force, a scuffle then broke out between the women passengers.
Afterwards, the supporters of the lawyer who were present during the proceedings also got violent and a scuffle broke out.
Police said that at approximately 11:30pm an argument broke out between a number of workers at the hotel, which turned into a scuffle.
As a result of the scuffle, opposition members tore up copies of the agenda and PTI's Abdul Sattar assumed the chair of the council.
Scuffle occurred at a meeting of the Council of Elders of Yerevan, the Armenian media reported Feb.
A BOUNCER was taken to hospital with head injuries after an early hours scuffle outside a bar.
UKIP leadership hopeful Steven Woolfe said medical experts have backed his claim that he was punched in a scuffle with fellow MEP Mike Hookem.
Bulgarian prosecutors have requested permanent detention into police custody of four men charged with attempted murder during a scuffle between ethnic Bulgarians and Roma people in the town of Radnevo, in southern Bulgaria.
Reports said nine Kuwaitis and 15 Egyptians were implicated in the scuffle that erupted when Kuwaiti clients argued with Egyptian salesmen in an electronics shop had over the price of a PlayStation.
Summary: An incident involving the accidental death of a chicken in the village of Debaal in south Lebanon degenerated into a scuffle Thursday between four people, with one stabbing the other in the back.